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TIMS Billing Rules are an essential tool to navigating the world of medical compliance requirements and competitive bidding mandates. Billing Rules are set up to automate your billing processes. And that automation brings you accuracy, verification and a reduction in errors. So, you can handle supplies and equipment like medical oxygen, CPAP, DME equipment, enteral nutrition and diabetic supplies with ease.

What you end up with is a simplified process that attaches modifiers set per your billing rules. And, since you properly account for the frequency of medical needs with the help of the procedure code file and the insurance validation file, you miss out on the hassle that the frequency of medical needs brings to your processes.

Billing Rules

Experience increased confidence as you ensure payer rules and requirements are consistent across your product lines.

TIMS HME Software | Billing Rules
TIMS HME Software | Fee Schedules

Fee Schedules

Enjoy simple import and export capabilities for all your insurance price schedules—including imports of CBA and Medicare Fee-for-Service data files. Easily add new inventory and sync up to billing rules by HCPCS, plus leverage the added flexibility to set up and manage external insurance price contracts for complex contracting.

Inventory to HCPCS

This powerful, yet easy-to-use, billing management platform is a must-have application for every HME provider, and associating the inventory to HCPCS is what makes this application so brilliant. Simply add new inventory—then sync it up to billing rules by HCPCS.

And, you can add an association on the fly, and quickly identify any inventory that is not associated to a HCPCS code. 

TIMS HME Software | Inventory to HCPCS
TIMS HME Software | Payer Sets

Payer Sets

The concept of a Payer Set was based on the idea of grouping. Simply group your payers together in a Payer Set—but only when the payers have the same set of billing rules. A Payer Set could have two payers, or it could have ten. 

This way, when a billing rule change occurs, you just make your change to the one Payer Set, rather than making your change to each and every payer individually. Smart idea, right?

And when exceptions arise, our Payer Set application gives you an easy way to handle those exceptions.

Medicare, Medicaid & Private Insurance

Handle all of your fee schedules for Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance effortlessly using TIMS simple import and export capabilities—including imports of CBA and Medicare Fee-for-Service data files.

TIMS HME Software | Medicare, Medicaid & Private Insurance
TIMS HME Software | Commercial Billing

Commercial Billing 

TIMS Commercial Billing allows you to easily create contracts for anyone that purchases from you, such as nursing homes, hospitals, healthcare organizations, retail, wholesale and even commercial businesses.

And with TIMS, ‘business customers’ are categorized properly as ‘businesses’ rather than ‘patients’ to avoid confusion in billing.

Your cash flow will improve quickly by using Commercial Billing to immediately create accounts and invoice monthly or even daily if you wish! No other integrated HME billing software offers this kind of flexibility without the need for work-arounds.

A simplified process that attaches modifiers set per your billing rules. 
TIMS HME Software Reviews and Testimonials

We are really excited about Patient Intake, it is exactly what we need. Right now our company is very interested in the Lean Business model, and Intake fits right in with the way we are wanting to do business.

- ThedaCare At Home

Since starting with TIMS, we have more than doubled our revenue while cutting inventory costs by more than 60%.

- Keene Medical Products

From an implementation standpoint, Claims Processing has been one of the easiest programs to roll out to users.

- Norco

Once again I would like to compliment Gayle [in Project Management] on her training ability.  She has a great cadence, upbeat attitude and a way of changing confusion into clarity!

- Care Medical
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