Efficient. Paperless.

Become more efficient—and paperless—with every new referral document that you receive via the Inbound Document Routing application.

And, because clinical documentation is directly related to your revenue stream, receiving your documents electronically with Inbound Document Routing not only gives you that visibility, but it helps you store documents electronically—with the patient’s order—so that you get paid faster and save money with a paperless process.

In the event of a claim denial—or even an audit—finding the requested patient material will be critical to expedited payment, reducing your DSO and simply keeping your money.

With Inbound Documents, you create your own customized communication letters, so you can easily notify your referral source that an inbound document was received or that the intake has been created. You can even request additional information if more documentation is needed.

If you are using the TIMS Task System along with Inbound Document Routing, you can quickly create and assign tasks right from any inbound document. Simply brilliant!

Start & Assign Intakes

Using the inbound document, create your Patient Intake and assign a customer service representative to that intake.

Automatically image clinical records to the patient’s account and eliminate extra steps—like manually scanning documents and assigning work. The inbound document becomes part of the patient’s electronic medical record. 

Inbound Document Routing is a simple, integrated process that gives providers a way to trigger the entire intake process, organize and associate documents with an intake order, and ensure that they receive and keep their money.

  • Receive the inbound document in the work queue, easily sort and view it
  • Create an intake from that document in the queue—or add it to an existing intake
  • Assign a CSR to the intake order

Automatically organize and associate chart notes, CMNs, denials—or other documentation—received to the patient’s order number.

TIMS HME Software Patient Intake
TIMS HME Software | Document Image Storage in TIMS Imaging

Document Image Storage in TIMS Imaging

Utilizing the existing TIMS Imaging database, Inbound Document Routing automatically captures and associates clinical records to the patient’s order, helping you eliminate extra steps—like manually scanning documents and assigning work.

Keeping track of documents that arrive electronically via a referral fax is a simple way to eliminate lost forms. And, once the clinical forms are received, they are routed in TIMS and can be attached to intake orders or staff notifications. So, there is an audit trail of every chart note or document. Plus, since they are stored electronically, it also provides for simple retrieval in the event you are audited.

So, whether your documents come into TIMS via Inbound Document Routing, or through TIMS Imaging, all of your documents are electronically stored in the same place. Which means, you have an easy and efficient way to retrieve a document when needed.

Receive the inbound document in the work queue via fax, or PDF, and easily sort and view it.

TIMS HME Software Reviews and Testimonials

We are really excited about Patient Intake, it is exactly what we need. Right now our company is very interested in the Lean Business model, and Intake fits right in with the way we are wanting to do business.

- ThedaCare At Home

Since starting with TIMS, we have more than doubled our revenue while cutting inventory costs by more than 60%.

- Keene Medical Products

From an implementation standpoint, Claims Processing has been one of the easiest programs to roll out to users.

- Norco

Once again I would like to compliment Gayle [in Project Management] on her training ability.  She has a great cadence, upbeat attitude and a way of changing confusion into clarity!

- Care Medical
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Intuitive new platforms for making life easier. Streamlining everyday tasks with brilliant new applications. Helping your staff work smarter—not harder. Think of TIMS as the game-changer that puts you ahead of your competition.

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