Getting Paid Just Got Easier.

Patient Intake leverages everything from a customizable workflow and demographics—to insurance verification and patient qualification. 

Easily set up workflows and see how your workflow states are tied to specific actions. Track and review time, task and overall workflow performance allowing you to get paid faster.

So, a CSR using TIMS Patient Intake can quickly turn your referrals into properly qualified orders. And, you can keep your staff focused and their work visible throughout the entire intake process.

Using real-time data entry validation and an intake verification engine, the Patient Intake system ensures that your CSR staff has properly logged all of the key elements to create a qualified order that is shipped on time, resulting in a payable claim.


Patient Demographics & Coverage

Patient Intake details are key for a clean claim and fast reimbursement. The intake platform delivers a simple way to collect, store, organize and retrieve those essential pieces of patient information.

Store additional patient details, such as emergency contacts or other key information for quick reference. Who doesn’t want less paper to shuffle? Eliminate paper forms and filing. With TIMS, you’ll operate in an efficient paperless environment where your patient data is safe and secure.

TIMS HME Software Patient Intake
TIMS HME Software | DME Category Process

DME Categories

Patient Intake simplifies your entire DME category process. You can group by DME categories with qualification screens—as well as those DME categories without qualification screens defined for them. You can also define your own DME categories and associate HCPCS codes to them. Plus, you can tie a pre-defined qualification screen to this new DME category for even more efficiency. 


Competitive bidding amongst HME/DME providers means businesses must continue to operate within a lean business model. TIMS Software helps leverage your existing data and quickly verify insurance coverage in one easy step without ever leaving TIMS Patient Intake. Mark a patient’s coverage benefits immediately upon verification to minimize claims denials. It’s simple with our intuitive front end process. View patient insurance verification history with confidence and proceed knowing that all the checks and balances are in place.

TIMS HME Software | Competitive Bidding Verification Process
TIMS HME Software | Patient Qualification System

Qualify Coverage & Service

TIMS Software steps up and provides the HME/DME industry’s only integrated patient qualification system. Neatly tucked into the Patient Intake process, your staff can easily qualify patients using the built-in NCD and LCD qualification standards. The requirements for medical oxygen are very different than the requirements for diabetic supplies. TIMS delivers the correct qualifications right to your intake screen. Prevent unqualified deliveries with Medicare and commercial batch eligibility checks. Now, you have accurate claims rather than unqualified deliveries.


It’s a great new platform for helping your staff work smarter—not harder. Simply set up actions you want to happen at each state of your workflow and then assign an individual or group to be held accountable for its completion.

This seamless and integrated front end guides users effortlessly through the critical intake process while capturing referral information. Measure customer service productivity for a clear vision of business performance. You’ll improve office efficiency with a clear, intuitive on-screen status bar indicating your intake progress. And, you can identify your priority orders in a snap. 

On top of giving you simple ways to measure productivity and distribute workloads—our intake process delivers the critical HME/DME workflow needed to improve both operating procedures and your patient’s experience.

TIMS HME Software Workflow
TIMS HME Software | Flexible to Fit Any Process

Flexible to Fit Any Process

CPAP Setup Workflow
Add a task for Respiratory Therapists to schedule appointment with patient
Oxygen Setup Workflow
Follow up task 60 days after delivery for patient/physician re-evaluation
Medicare Order Workflow
If the order is not valid a task is created for the CSR to review

Options are endless...

Isn’t it time you take the work out of workflow?

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It Begins and Ends with Intake!
TIMS HME Software Reviews and Testimonials

We are really excited about Patient Intake, it is exactly what we need. Right now our company is very interested in the Lean Business model, and Intake fits right in with the way we are wanting to do business.

- ThedaCare At Home

Since starting with TIMS, we have more than doubled our revenue while cutting inventory costs by more than 60%.

- Keene Medical Products

From an implementation standpoint, Claims Processing has been one of the easiest programs to roll out to users.

- Norco

Once again I would like to compliment Gayle [in Project Management] on her training ability.  She has a great cadence, upbeat attitude and a way of changing confusion into clarity!

- Care Medical
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Intuitive new platforms for making life easier. Streamlining everyday tasks with brilliant new applications. Helping your staff work smarter—not harder. Think of TIMS as the game-changer that puts you ahead of your competition.

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