Minimize Fraud. Maximize Efficiency.

Take advantage of the Accounts Payable System to conveniently make check, credit card and electronic payments in a single transaction. Then, simply pay vouchers using an electronic file uploaded to the bank or create remittance files for credit card payments and easily send them to vendors.

P/O to A/P Integration

P/O to A/P Integration lets you update inventory costs and reconcile vendor invoices with your P/O Receivings records effortlessly. And, if you have the Accounts Payable System, the program also posts your invoice to New Payables. You can even set up a process to conveniently post transactions in a daily batch to streamline the entire P/O to A/P procedure.


Electronic Vendor Rebates

Don’t miss vendor rebate deadlines and leave money sitting on the table. With TIMS integrated Electronic Vendor Rebates, you no longer need to sort, send and track paper rebate forms. Simple, automated and accurate vendor rebate tracking saves you money with this paperless system. So, whether it’s a customer-specific rebate, or a general discount, you’ll regain control with our streamlined and automated process.

ACH Processing

Streamline vendor payments using ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions. Easily set up the vendor account to pay electronically using your bank information. No checks to mail, no stamps, no worries.


Fraud Checks

TIMS is making fraud detection easy. Simply create your file of issued checks and send it to your bank each day. Your bank uses your file to look for fraudulent transactions when your checks are presented—all to help reduce your liability.

Pay vouchers using an electronic file uploaded to the bank or create remittance files for credit card payments and easily send them to vendors.
TIMS Industrial Software | Reviews and Testimonials

Our oldest employee liked TIMS immediately. I didn’t struggle through a learning curve at all, it was wonderful!

- NLR Welding Suppy

After just two months of using ACM – human errors (as far as cylinder exceptions) are all but eliminated.

- Maine Oxy

TIMS catalog system gives us a virtual SKU inventory without the all the additional overhead.


Customer Centric is great, you have all of your customer information you need in one place. Plus, the History tab in CCI is a huge timesaver.

- Maine Oxy

For All Things Cylinder

Power up your business with the industry’s leading fully integrated cylinder tracking and management solution.

Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) is an all-in-one solution to track and manage your entire cylinder fleet. 

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