Performance. Innovation. Refinement.

TIMS Philosophy | Performance. Refinement. Innovation.

TIMS – The Software Solution of Choice

TIMS is a reflection of our philosophy on how we meet the demands of a diverse customer base with software tools, technologies, and dialog with end users. TIMS integrates business processes and information. TIMS is mission critical – If it stops working, our customers’ businesses stop functioning. TIMS is about choice – in the form of modules, system options and configurations, and our willingness and ability to provide custom programming to meet your unique needs. 


Because one size does not fit all, ongoing investments in software technologies are made to ensure that TIMS scales and performs at a level where our customers can complete one day’s work in one day’s time. Over 37 years of experience gives us a solid understanding how best to design, develop, deploy, and support systems that scale and perform.  

TIMS Software Philosophy | Stability and Performance
TIMS Software Philosophy | New Breakthrough Capabilities


New software modules are developed for TIMS in a manner which integrates with the rest of the system. New breakthroughs are discovered by listening and collaborating with our customers, prospects, industry experts as well as learning about new innovations and technologies used in other industries which could enhance the TIMS system.


When a new feature is added to TIMS, we just don’t stop at version one. We understand the importance of refining, fixing and enhancing the core system, individual modules and specific features as quickly as possible. This ongoing refinement translates into additional business process improvements and productivity gains for our customers.

TIMS Software Philosophy | Refinement