13 New Solutions for Your Audiology Practice

We are excited to announce the availability of the latest version of TIMS, Release 6.05. The new release is the direct result of listening to the needs of our customers, prospects, and key partners. We hope you enjoy the new features and we welcome your feedback!    

  • Noah 4.7 – TIMS Audiology is now certified to run on the latest version of Noah 4.7 which includes bug fixes, security updates, and other enhancements.
  • Noah Data Mining – a new advanced expression builder has been incorporated into the powerful TIMS Noah data mining engine for better search capabilities. TIMS Noah data mining tool is a great way to quickly search through thousands of audiograms to pinpoint new revenue opportunities.
  • Questionnaires – this powerful module allows for highly customized and detailed surveys to be created and completed in TIMS History. An unlimited number of questions can be added with text, yes/no, number, date, and multiple choice answers. When the questionnaire is finalized, the responses will automatically be copied into the patient’s chart notes. Questionnaire results from one or multiple questionnaires can also be summarized in custom reports.
  • Appointment Cancellation List – quickly backfill a cancelled appointment from a list of patients who are willing to take an earlier time slot. This is a great customer service tool and a great way to keep the calendar filled with qualified appointments.
  • Non-patient Appointments – the ability to use a different color for non-patient appointments is now possible which will appear as a striped background color on the appointment grid. The use of color makes it much easier to visually analyze appointment types at at glance from week to week which can be useful to uncover appointment trends.
  • Appointment Authorizations – track a specified number of visits that have been authorized by a specified payer. This feature includes support to maintain expiration dates and notes.
  • Appointment Notifications – patients can now more easily respond to appointment confirmation emails with one click. By simply clicking the new “Confirm Appointment” link in the email, they will immediately receive a confirmation message and the appointment status will be set to Auto-Confirmed in TIMS.
  • Cochlear Implants – TIMS now has the ability to track cochlear implants and components by serial number for comprehensive tracking and ordering. The final cochlear implant and components are stored in the patient's Hearing Aid history.
  • Communications – additional filter criteria (patient insurance, custom date and text fields, appointment marketing) has been added to the Communications module to enable greater search and filtering results. Bookmarks for Staff Description, Other Side Loaner Details, and UDI Number are also available for use in letter templates.
  • Hearing Aid UDI – a new UDI Tracker field is available to store the Unique Device Identifier (UDI) for hearing aids and devices.
  • Patient & Insurance – 'Self-Employed' is a new choice for patient employment status. The ability to use a different patient name for insurance is available for cases when the patient is the subscriber but uses a different name for insurance.
  • Loss and Damaged Replacement – A hearing aid replaced in a repair can now be designated as a 'Loss and Damaged Replacement'.
  • Report Designer – additional bookmarks for reporting on Word Recognition and Speech Scores are now available when creating reports.

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