The Power of TIMS Software and NOAH 4 Interface

TIMS Audiology is currently the only NOAH 4 certified office system! Available now, TIMS NOAH 4 interface delivers a fully integrated data portability system and standardized platform for hearing test results. With TIMS and NOAH 4, you see immediate benefits:

  • Seamless integration from NOAH 4 to TIMS
  • More intuitive processes
  • More efficient workflows
  • Improved customization on patient screens
  • Enhanced journaling
  • Improved search functions
  • Ability to export NOAH 4 test results

What do these enhancements mean? More efficiency, smarter workflows and better integration. TIMS Audiology and NOAH 4 provide the combination you need to deliver your testing results with the accuracy your business demands. Now that's an upgrade that just makes sense. Learn more about what TIMS Software can do for you!

See firsthand how TIMS Software can proficiently manage your business needs. 

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