The Strength of Integrated Document Imaging

TIMS Audiology has designed an electronic document imaging system that, when combined with TIMS audiology software, provides you the key to the hearing industry's only complete and fully integrated electronic medical records (EHRs).

And while the cost of doing business keeps going up, TIMS Imaging provides another way to bring your costs back down. All this while improving the way you do business. Think that's a pretty big bang for your buck? Well you're right. TIMS' electronic document imaging provides you a host of benefits:

  • 24/7 access to all of your scanned documents
  • Securely store, access and import critical patient data from one integrated system, quickly and efficiently
  • Increase business flexibility and capture ANY document types, from patient photos, and forms, to insurance cards and assignment of benefits
  • Improve record management and eliminate costly archive fees with easy-to-use document retrieval
  • Streamline patient record access with the ability to attach a stand-alone file to a patient record in TIMS
  • Eliminate lost, misfiled, or illegible medical records
  • Increase security with electronic audits of patient data access
  • Simplify operations with our direct document scanner interface

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