Now is the Right Time to Move to Noah 4

Now is the Right Time to Move to NOAH 4The time to upgrade to Noah 4 is now. And with HIMSA no longer selling Noah System 3 licenses after July 1st, 2012, the benefits of Noah 4 have never looked better.

Our latest release from TIMS Audiology is the ONLY Noah 4 certified office system in the U.S. and offers a consolidated diagnostic report that is more fully integrated between Noah 4 and TIMS than it’s ever been.

This highly improved diagnostic report combines chart notes, audiograms, recommendations and the diagnosis for a more complete picture of a patient’s hearing state. Creating a powerful, complete diagnostic report has never been this easy. You’ll have the information needed by referring physicians and insurance companies in a single, consolidated report.Other NEW Noah 4 features include:

  • All audiogram symbols are now fully supported
  • Additional speech audiometry fields
  • Additional word recognition fields
  • Improved stability and usability
  • Import patient records into Noah 4 directly from the NHA
    or NHAX file without having to launch Noah 4

With all this information in one place, this means you and your staff eliminate unnecessary tasks and duplication of work.

Now that’s one smart report.

To find out how you can start your Noah 4/TIMS upgrade and begin using the improved TIMS Diagnostic Report, call Audiology Support at 800-763-0308.

For a review of past audiology support bulletins, please go to the Support Bulletin Archive.

To view the latest Noah 4-related issues, visit the Noah 4 Knowledgebase.

For a full demonstration of the Export and Import possibilities in Noah 4, please view the tutorial located in the Noah 4 Knowledgebase Learning Center.

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