Strengthen Your Image Through Diagnostic Report Customization

Custom Diagnostic Report | TIMS Audiology SoftwareDiagnostic reports are a reflection of your practice. Ensuring they mimic your hearing practice’s image from data to customer service is vital. Stop stressing about the usability and cost of a report builder and focus on your customer service. 

So, how do you know if you've made report building stressful? If you’re missing the information below, you haven’t created a complete, powerful diagnostic report yet. Let’s break it down with a few components in an integrated platform that will help you understand how to obtain the image you're striving for.

Clinical Data

Simply enter audiograms, customizable test results and narratives.

Noah is an essential component to your practice. Integrating it with your patient data allows you the ability to provide high-quality patient care and quickly build diagnostic reports. Having a consolidated diagnostic report that combines chart notes, audiograms, tympanograms, recommendations and the diagnosis provides a complete easy-to-understand picture of a patient’s hearing state. There probably isn't a hearing professional that would disagree that this is critical to the workflow. Gain some brownie points with referring physicians by providing needed information in a single, consolidated report. 

Advanced Noah data search tools automatically calculate each patient's Severity and Type of Loss based upon your specifications. Include the results in your diagnostic reports or referring physician letters and never worry about missing data again. Clunky reporting workflows have met their match!

Microsoft WordBuild Diagnostic Report in Microsoft Word | TIMS Audiology Software

Reach a new level of flexibility without breaking the bank.

Create and customize as many diagnostic reports as you like by taking advantage of Word’s ease-of-use. Having all your records in one location for electronic charting along with Noah will allow you to pull in the right data for customizable reports. Include audiogram symbols, speech audiometry fields, word recognition fields, etc. With the added flexibility to customize each report on the fly, you'll be sure that your clinic is putting its best foot forward. 

Easily create physician referral and follow-up letters with the added capability of printing multiple copies for patient records and office files. Choose what you need to clearly communicate clinical data to referral sources.

Print, Save, Fax, Email, Archive

Get your reports to the right person, no matter the method.

So you've created your diagnostic report masterpiece and now comes the part where you need to deliver said masterpiece. In the past, sending and tracking reports was time-consuming and full of technological and paper filing hurdles. Say no more! Integrated tools give you the power to print, save, fax, email and archive every diagnostic report—all from the patient record.


Brand your practice with the best perception.

Making a report should be easy. Don't settle for expensive report customization. Execute it yourself with no additional fees. Add your practice logo, audiograms, chart notes, provider signatures and more. Make sure your reports reflect the image you desire. Your branding is just as important as the information on your Diagnostic Report. 

More efficiency, smarter workflows and better integration will allow you to deliver testing results with the image your business demands. 

Now that’s one smart report!

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