Find Out What's Happening at Users Group 2018

The Power of Learning

As humans, we all need to interact with each other, because interaction brings about knowledge. Sharing TIMS knowledge and best practices is our focus for this year's Users Group. We want you to gain valuable knowledge from not only TIMS experts, but from your peers as well. Users Group 2018 is a place of learning.

  Here Are Just a Few of the Highlights 

Business Intelligence – Armed with the right data, TIMS Business Intelligence can give you valuable insight to make the best business decisions for your practice. Discover how interactive reports and customizable dashboards can work to your advantage.

QuickBooks©, POS (Point of Sale), and Claims  Find out how these modules combine and integrate together giving you the visibility of all your cash business in one place. Point of sale, credit card transactions and claims funnel into QuickBooks simply and efficiently.

Electronic Claims  Get paid faster. If you aren't using electronic claims, this is something you'll want to hear about. TIMS Electronic Claims makes the entire claims process simple because it does all the work for you. Starting with payers, patient information, submit claims, then check your processing claims using intuitive reporting tools that show you where your claims are in the system and if they've been paid.

Added Features We'll talk about what's new and upcoming in TIMS and how it can help your practice run smoother.

Join us in Billings, Montana, to get the scoop on the latest and greatest, get educated, and get networking. 

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