Yes, You Can Get Something for Nothing. Nada...Zip...No Charge. A Round Up of What's New for You in TIMS 6.06.

If you've missed the last few blogs, please take a moment to look at all the new features in TIMS 6.06 that, as a TIMS user, are available to you when you upgrade at absolutely AUD no charge stamp.

We want to provide the tools for you to maneuver as smoothly as possible through your day-to-day office processes. So, when we make advances to TIMS, we invite you to take full advantage of them. Along with the all new A/R we've been talking about, there are lots of other responsive yet simple updates that will help get you through your day the quickest and most efficient way possible.

NPI Lookup AUD no charge stamp

  • Simply go to the Physicians tab in the Patient Setup of TIMS Software and click on the magnifying glass next to the NPI field.
  • Easily look up the number of the provider or organization by filling out one or more of the required fields, then click Search.
  • The provider or organization's NPI number will then appear for your use.

TIMS for Audiology NPI Lookup

User Tasks AUD no charge stamp

  • Access Tasks from not only the HOME tab, but also in a new Task Panel.
  • This panel can be pinned open and dragged/dropped to reside in various locations on the user’s screen(s).
  • Tasks 'due today' will appear in red. Future Tasks will appear in black.
  • Create a list of Task Types in Setup (such as Reschedule Appt, Schedule Fitting, Patient Callback) to standardize office duties.
  • You now have the option to connect a specific patient to a Task.
  • Tasks due and completed also appear in the Patient Activity Panel.
  • Assign Task to one or more users.         
  • Each user can add their specific notes to the Task record.
TIMS for Audiology Tasks Panel TIMS for Audiology Tasks Panel Details TIMS for Audiology Tasks Panel Notes

The Task Panel can easily be expanded to show additional details.

SLP Tools AUD no charge stamp

Record a patient's Developmental History, Behavioral Observations, Assessment Scores, Communication Profile, and much more. Using captured data, compile SOAP notes, your plan of treatment, and/or other reports with ease.

New Accounts Receivable AUD no charge stamp

Send out professional patient statements that are clear, concise, and accurate.

Aud invoice 2.19

Statements include name, address, date of service, invoice numbers, charges, insurance payments, patient payments, adjustments, pending insurance, and current amount owed.
Your practice's logo appears at the top left, along with an option to include payment via credit card.

A.  View Patient Aging Reports in A/R

Aud againg report two 3.19

Keeping a constant pulse on your receivables is key to a successful and growing practice.
TIMS new aging report, with filters,
 lets your office staff focus on particular patient
aging groups and prevent those patients from moving to collection status.

B.  A/R Gives You the Ability to View Open Invoices 

Aud open invoices report 3.19

TIMS now has an Open Invoice Report. Take a quick look at how the month is progressing or assign your office staff to check daily or weekly past due invoices. You will easily be able to see aging days to quickly identify invoices or claims that need prompt attention.

C.  A/R Patient Transactions and Single Statement Lookup

  • Clicking the lightning bolt icon on the Patient Summary tab enables you to research and review patient transactions including claims, invoices, and payments. 
  • Quickly review current and historical patient A/R activity. 
  • Give your patient a financial update with a single patient statement and set up financial arrangements if needed. 

Aud Patient statement look up one 3.19 Aud balance patient summary 3.19

TIMS Balance on the Patient Summary tab shows instant patient financial feedback.
This gives your front desk personnel the option to be proactive on
financial situations or opportunities to collect receivables.

G/L Export AUD no charge stamp

  • A/R financial transactions can be exported in a standard file format for use in 3rd party accounting systems.

Claims Processing 

  • No 3rd-party claims processing system—just point and click to apply individual claim payments to patient accounts.
  • Claims creation, processing, and adjudication are all part of receivables tracking.

Take Advantage of Everything TIMS 6.06 Has to Offer 

When you upgrade to TIMS 6.06 (at AUD no charge stamp) you can start using these tools. 

Contact Support to schedule your upgrade today.


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