The Audiology Clinic at Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center Talks About TIMS

Featured Image: Crystal and Janet of Computers Unlimited chat with Lisa Terry (right) at the recent Users Group Conference.

At the TIMS Users Group Conference in 2018, we talked with Lisa Terry, the former Lead Administrative Assistant and Systems Administrator at Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center, Hearing & Speech Sciences Department, about her experience using TIMS.

Tell us a little bit about what you do at Vanderbilt's Hearing & Speech Sciences Department.

Lisa: I’m currently the Lead Administrative Assistant and Systems Administrator. I'm in charge of billing, records, and tracking all the hearing aids that come in and out of our nine locations.

What makes Vanderbilt unique?

Lisa:  I feel our main campus location is unique because we offer a full service walk-in clinic. 

How has TIMS Software changed your day-to-day operations?

Lisa: I came to the clinic the day TIMS started. From the information I have gathered from the past, TIMS has changed our day-to-day operations in many positive ways. TIMS has given me the opportunity to create reports that allow staff to track orders, repairs, and loaners that are due for patient appointments. We are able to track hearing aids to make sure they are available when the patient arrives. Prior to using TIMS, we would have to search for hearing aids, call the manufacturer at the last minute, and consequently, the patient had to be re-scheduled. With TIMS, hearing aids are trackable electronically, so that's never a problem. TIMS also enables us to send emails to staff to let the them know that they can bill for the hearing aids. Previously this step could be left out, which lead to billing issues or un-billed devices, and the over-ordering of devices.

Which TIMS option do you find the most helpful?

Lisa: My favorite option in TIMS is the billing reports customization. The Billing Reports have improved our billing process and identify any discrepancies with daily, weekly, or monthly reports. TIMS enables us to track the productivity of each provider at each of our nine clinics on any given date.

Has TIMS helped you increase sales? What about efficiency/productivity? 

Lisa: Yes, definitely. TIMS has increased our sales and has made clinical staff more attentive to update records and billing, which improves productivity. Being able to scan in the invoice from manufacturers has also improved our productivity time. Having a practice software like TIMS that enables me to utilize reporting and track hearing aides, including stock on hand and loaners, makes my job exceptionally smooth. Added to that, I take advantage of TIMS marketing capabilities, like creating Birthday Reports and Nearing Extended Warranty letters, and having this data available also helps with our auditing and finances. The data TIMS provides helps us make more informed business decisions to manage our clinics more efficiently.

TIMS makes my job so much easier. Based on the marketing data that it provides, we were able to determine where to open two additional clinics, locating them based on patient location, age, and zip code.

About Vanderbilt

'The Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center specializes in ear, nose, and throat diseases, and communication disorders such as hearing, speech, language, and voice problems. Doctors and communication specialists work together as a team for the benefit of patients being treated in one or more of the Center’s many closely related clinics. The Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center for Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences was designed so that medical practitioners, speech-language pathologists, teachers of the deaf and hard-of-hearing, audiologists, and rehabilitation therapists could work side-by-side to meet all the needs of our patients.'

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