Need an Audiology Software With SLP? Look to TIMS

Running an audiology and  SLP combined practice is a lot of work, but you do it because it benefits  your patients. Make it easier on yourself and your staff by improving your daily processes. Take a look at TIMS SLP features to find out if they can help your combined audiology and SLP practice. 

Combine TIMS Software & SLP Tools for seamless daily processes.
  • Simply log-in and schedule SLP specific appointments and work in a SLP specific history screen, where the user can look-up historical information or print reports.
  • TIMS Software provides instant convenience for your patients and your staff,  with one easy-to-use system.
  • Better communication between the audiologist and the speech-language pathologist results in superior care.
  • SLP documentation with specific sections for documenting visit details: Fluency/Voice, Recommendations, Diagnosis, Goals, Assessments Scores, Developmental History, Behavioral Observations, and Communication Profile.
  • Quickly create Evaluation, Progress, Re-certification, and Plan of Care Reports.
  • Patient information is trackable; including letters and forms, and other vital information.
  • Compile SOAP notes, Custom Report Templates, and Test/Assessment Scores.
  • TIMS Software integrates all of your daily business processes making them manageable.
  • Use the same process for appointments, insurance, billing, record keeping, and specific documents that pertain to either audiology or SLP.

To learn more about how TIMS Software combined with SLP features can benefit your practice, click below to request a demo.

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