Electronic Appointment Confirmations and Notifications

TIMS Electronic Appointment Confirmations and Notifications are one of the smartest New Year’s Resolutions you can make this year...for your hearing practice, and your patients.

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A Better Way to Bill with Electronic Superbill

If you have ever wondered how you can improve your customer’s experience, all while being more efficient, TIMS Software’s Electronic Superbill is the answer.

TIMS Electronic Superbill was designed to benefit both your patient and your practice by...

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Real-Time Web Scheduler - Experience Freedom!

TIMS Real-Time Web Scheduler gives you this flexibility to add or reschedule appointments anywhere...whether you’re moving from office to office or simply on the road or at the golf course.

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Q's and A's: Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)

Many of you may be hearing a lot about PQRS. If you’ve received notification about this, here’s some information that may help clear things up:

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Now is the Right Time to Move to Noah 4

The time to upgrade to Noah 4 is now. And with HIMSA no longer selling Noah System 3 licenses after July 1st, 2012, the benefits of Noah 4 have never looked better.

Our latest release from TIMS Audiology is the ONLY Noah 4 certified office system...

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Open the Door to Opportunity Tracking

TIMS Opportunity Tracking is an integrated marketing tool that helps you take control of sales opportunities by defining your threshold of aidability from Noah Audiograms and resale dates.

Fundamentally, the way Opportunity Tracking works is like...

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