Technical Support Specialist

Under general supervision, Technical Support Representatives will provide technical and network problem resolution to end-users (customers) by performing a question diagnosis while guiding users through step-by-step solutions. Solutions include, but are not limited to, resolving username and password problems, verifying proper hardware and software set up, power cycling equipment, troubleshooting issues with handheld and/or mobile devices, issues with operating system and TIMS software, assisting with navigating around application menus and troubleshooting email issues. Support will be provided by clearly communicating technical solutions in a user-friendly, professional manner. Representatives will perform related work as required.

Computers Unlimited creates innovative software for 3 distinct markets: Industrial Gas & Welding Supply Distributors, Home & Durable (HME|DME) Medical Equipment Providers, and Audiology & Speech Language Pathology (SLP) Practices.

So why should you join the team responsible for supporting the users of TIMS Software?

You want to grow your skills and also thrive. When you are thriving, we know that will resonate through the support you provide to our customers. They in turn will provide excellent service to their customers.

You want to be supported in a family-oriented atmosphere. In the company's 40 years, we've learned a thing or two about how to treat people. And that's really step #1: treat people like people. We want to help you align your personal goals with the company's goals so we all win in the end.

You want to be heard. You are a unique individual with ideas, vision and enthusiasm. We will consider ourselves honored to hear what you have to say from Day 1 to Day 12,775 and beyond. (Did you do the math? That's 35 years and, yes, that's how long a few of our employees have worked here.)

You have a passion for the future. Just look at what technology has accomplished in the past few years. What will this company achieve with you on board reaching goals, thriving and sharing your passion? We don't know for sure, but we're excited to find out. 


  • Education—Bachelor's degree in Information Systems, Computer Science or in a related field.

  • Experience—Experience in customer relations and/or phone support. Experience in Current Windows Server environments, (Active Directory, Current SQL versions and Remote Desktop Hosting), IP Networking, Android and iOS devices desired.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Respond to customer inquiries, via phone or email, that are technical in nature (hardware, operating systems, communications hardware, etc.), and provide suitable solutions.

  • Accurately diagnose, analyze and coordinate resolutions of issues in a timely manner. Record solutions in an incident tracking system.

  • Test and research problems as reported by a customer.

  • Participate in a 24-hour support program.

  • Assist in the organization and execution of our annual users conferences.

Necessary Skills for Optimal Job Performance:

  • Proficiency in proper phone etiquette, accurate typing and grammar.

  • Ability to provide excellent customer service in stressful situations.

  • Exemplary attendance and punctuality.

  • Ability to adjust effectively within new work structures, processes, requirements, or cultures.

  • Active listening skills and appreciation for the diverse capabilities, insights, and ideas of others.

  • Develop and sustain productive customer relationships.

  • High standards of performance for self; assuming responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments or tasks.

  • Ability to maintain high ethical standards that reflect honesty, integrity, and reliability.

Interested? Email your résumé, cover letter and reference documents to A full job description will be provided as part of the interview process.

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