UI Developer

The function of this role is to provide our TIMS Software users with a visually appealing, consistent, modern, and intuitive user experience. The person in this roll will be responsible for improving development productivity by becoming an expert in presentation layer technologies.

Computers Unlimited creates innovative software for 3 distinct markets: Industrial Gas & Welding Supply Distributors, Home & Durable Medical Equipment (HME|DME) Providers, and Audiology & Speech Language Pathology (SLP) Practices.

So, why would you join the team responsible for supporting the users of TIMS Software?

You want to grow your skills and also thrive. When you are thriving, we know that will resonate through the support you provide to our customers. They in turn will provide excellent service to their customers.

You want to be supported in a family-oriented atmosphere. In the company's 40 years, we've learned a thing or two about how to treat people. And that's really step #1: treat people like people. We want to help you align your personal goals with the company's goals so we all win in the end.

You want to be heard. You are a unique individual with ideas, vision and enthusiasm. We will consider ourselves honored to hear what you have to say from Day 1 to Day 12,775 and beyond. (Did you do the math? That's 35 years and, yes, that's how long a few of our employees have worked here.)

You have a passion for the future. Just look at what technology has accomplished in the past few years. What will this company achieve with you on board reaching goals, thriving and sharing your passion? We don't know for sure, but we're excited to find out. 


  • Education—Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related degree. Experience as a user interface developer, or similar role is a plus.

  • Experience—Experience with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), XAML. Experience with graphic design tools such as Illustrator, Fireworks or equivalent technologies is a plus. Experience with programming languages such as c# a plus.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Transform draft functional XAML views into final ‘styled’ XAML.

  • Utilize assets from graphic design tools (Screen Compositions).

  • Integrate User Interface with application.

  • Educate product owners and testers on UI patterns, options, and complexity, and support developers on functional user interface issues that arise.

  • Maintain and update UI Standards document.

Necessary Skills for Optimal Job Performance:

  • Working knowledge of XAML constructs (elements and attributes).

  • Willingness to stay up to date on presentation layer technologies as they evolve and also on TIMS/Fusion design patterns as they are defined.

  • Strong understanding of WPF and MVVM.

  • Keen eye for detail and willingness to put in the effort required to maintain UI consistency.

  • Ability to frequently switch tasks to address issues as they arise.

  • Team oriented personality to work closely with developers, Quality Analysts, and Product Owners on a daily basis.

  • Ability to work in a fluid frequently changing environment where requirements frequently change.

Interested? Email your résumé, cover letter and reference documents to jobs@cu.net A full job description will be provided as part of the interview process.

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