Business Analyst

Computers Unlimited creates innovative software for 3 distinct markets: Industrial Gas & Welding Supply Distributors, Home Medical Equipment Providers, and Audiology & Speech/Language Practices.

The person who fills this job role will focus primarily on collecting user feedback, internal feedback, and organizing it in a prioritized backlog. They will also work collaboratively with Product Owners and Development Managers on how to deliver these improvements. The objective is to provide high business value software products that solve current problems, are easy to use, error-free and contain detailed documentation.

So why should you join the team responsible for supporting the users of TIMS Software?

You want to grow your skills and also thrive. When you are thriving, we know that will resonate through the support you provide to our customers. They in turn will provide excellent service to their customers.

You want to be supported in a family-oriented atmosphere. In the company's near 40 years, we've learned a thing or two about how to treat people. And that's really step #1: treat people like people. We want to help you align your personal goals with the company's goals so we all win in the end.

You want to be heard. You are a unique individual with ideas, vision and enthusiasm. We will consider ourselves honored to hear what you have to say from Day 1 to Day 12,775 and beyond. (Did you do the math? That's 35 years and, yes, that's how long a few of our employees have worked here.)

You have a passion for the future. Just look at what technology has accomplished in the past few years. What will this company achieve with you on board reaching goals, thriving and sharing your passion? We don't know for sure, but we're excited to find out. 

What will we expect of the person who will fill this position?

The Business Analyst is a key role that maintains our software capabilities so they address current business problems and user needs. The person will fills this role will be responsible for driving change and adding value to the TIMS Software system through new functionality, improving performance, refactoring efforts to reduce technical debt, and simplifying existing software applications responsibly and timely.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work on ERP projects that focus on Computers Unlimited Software offerings.
  • Partners with the product & engineering teams to maintain and continually improve the TIMS system.
  • General application maintenance of system process flows within the TIMS software.
  • Gather and document detailed requirements, assist with the design of functional solutions, customize and configure applications, identify and execute advanced test scenarios and support solution deployment for TIMS, and related 3rd party connected applications.
  • Provide input to Product Owners and Development Managers in support of project planning, timeline creation & tracking as projects move forward.
  • Troubleshoot issues, find their root cause, and any necessary corrective actions to resolve them permanently.
  • Constructs use cases and scenarios with acceptance criteria for the requirements.
  • Perform research using tools such as SQL, implementation guides and product documentation, as appropriate.
  • Develop action plans and coordinate solutions with time lines for all support escalations.
  • Ability to build and foster effective relationships with internal and external business partners.
  • Ability to work individually as well as part of a team, and against tight deadlines.
  • Works with a scrum master, programmers, and testers to develop the product.
  • Assist in the organization and execution of the annual Users Group Conference.


  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Information Systems or Computer Science, or the equivalent in business or software related work experience.

  • Experience with TIMS Software or other ERP systems preferred. Experience working in an Agile or Scrum environment is a plus, but not a requirement.

Job Skills:

  • Understanding of business practices in relevant industries.
  • Ability to prioritize and organize projects so deadlines are met, work is completed within budget, and work time is as productive as possible.
  • Ability to effectively communicate to both technical and non-technical resources. Requires good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Enjoy working in a team environment.
  • An understanding of the software development life cycle is beneficial but not required.
  • Be resourceful and contribute to department and company.
  • Ability to maintain high ethical standards that reflect honesty, integrity, and reliability.

Interested? Request a full job description and apply by emailing your résumé, cover letter and reference documents to

Date Posted: January 6th, 2021

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