Inside Sales Consultant for Industrial Gas & Welding Distributors

TIMS Software, developed by Computers Unlimited, provides comprehensive and integrated business management software for businesses that supply industrial gas and welding supplies. The software is a completely integrated ERP solution that offers many customization options. Features include eCommerce, ePurchasing, eDrop shipping, asset tracking, inventory management, mobile delivery, business intelligence and so much more. Our company also provides the strategic partnership that delivers the right mix of software, service and support to help our customers succeed and thrive in today’s highly competitive business climate. TIMS Software accomplishes this feat with a state-of-the-art desktop application and native, mobile, smart device applications. 

So why should you join the team responsible for engaging prospects and educating them on the benefits of TIMS Software?

You want to grow your skills and also thrive. When you are thriving, we know that will resonate in the support you provide to our prospects and sales staff.

You want to be supported in a family-oriented atmosphere. In the company's 40 years, we've learned a thing or two about how to treat people. And that's really step #1: treat people like people. You are not a commodity. We want to help you align your personal goals with the company's goals so we all win in the end.

You want to be heard. You are a unique individual with ideas, vision and enthusiasm. We will consider ourselves honored to hear what you have to say from Day 1 to Day 12,775 and beyond. (Did you do the math? That's 35 years and, yes, that's how long a few of our employees have worked here.)

You have a passion for the future. Just look at what technology has accomplished in the past few years. What will this company achieve with you on board reaching goals, thriving and sharing your passion? We don't know for sure, but we're excited to find out. Our People Make It Happen.

What will we expect of the person who will fill this position?

The primary objective is the continued selling of add-on products and upgrades to the existing customers and to promote and maintain an active add-on sales portfolio with the goal of achieving sales revenue success.


  • Product Knowledge
    • Learn and continue to grow your knowledge of TIMS Software
    • Build and maintain your demo area and data
    • Discuss and demonstrate the software's features and benefits to users and prospects
  • Close Sales & Follow Up
    • Prepare and present quotes for products and services
    • Explain, discuss and negotiate all the elements of a sale including the software, hardware, services and terms
    • Involve other employees as needed to secure the sale
    • Follow the customer and identify additional opportunities for assistance, training and products
  • Customer Care
    • Manage, maintain and strive to proactively improve TIMS account base relationships
    • Handle changes in customers’ sales orders and communicate changes with the related departments
    • Coordinate customers’ orders with Support Services to ensure the commitment to clients is met
  • Promotion & Communication
    • Offer insight, guidance and feedback to marketing personnel for the purpose of optimizing awareness to the marketplace as well as internally
    • Maintain CRM database activity for the purpose of managing and maximizing their relative usefulness in sales campaigns
    • Backup and support outside system consultants when necessary
  • Reporting
    • Maintain meaningful reports including but not limited to: active pipeline - including lost sales, sensitive accounts, strategic accounts
    • Benchmark reports for marketing and sales campaigns and/or promotions, webinars, and sales revenue attributable per each effort
    • Active and timely participation in forecasting and budgeting when requested
      • For lost sales, be able to identify why the sale was lost and provide insight to the customer’s reason for not purchasing
  • Continual Process Improvement
    • Practice and refine demonstration skills, as well as sales and closing strategies
    • Stay current with changes and enhancements to TIMS products and requirements, including associated 3rd party products


  • Education: Bachelor's degree or higher in Business or related area. Exceptions will be considered if the candidate has a strong work history and proven success in a related field.
  • Experience: Current TIMS Software knowledge, or other ERP software, is highly preferred. Experience in customer service and an understanding of the complex selling process is desired.

Skill Requirements:

  • Professional Skill Building Abilities
    • Ability to close deals and create revenue on behalf of the company to meet or exceed the projected budgetary amount
    • Be enthusiastic and believe in yourself and the company’s abilities to deliver superior products and services
    • Thrive in a fast-paced, self-directed entrepreneurial environment that is client focused
    • Demonstrate decision-making, problem resolution and creative thinking skills
    • Excellent time management skills; able to multi-task activities with shifting priorities
    • Participate in training sessions and professional development classes
  • Company-Based Skills
    • Utilize excellent time management skills to effectively balance multiple tasks and to prioritize responsibilities to promote consistent sales
    • Proficiency with MS Office tools including Excel, Word and PowerPoint; other products as required including, but not limited to Microsoft CRM and HubSpot
    • Use ingenuity and teamwork to reduce sales cycles and increase sales revenue
    • Work closely with other departments on customer status
    • Regularly attend and participate in sales group meetings
    • Be a responsible self-starter, consistently exhibit a positive attitude, and exercise professional communication skills
    • Maintain company values of honesty, respect, integrity and reliability, and encourage the highest standard of conduct from others
    • Assist in the organization and execution of the annual Users Group Conference
    • Ability to deal with unfamiliar and changing situations.
    • Willingness to put in extra time and effort to do the best job possible
    • Maintain a high level of commitment and loyalty to the company at all times and in all situations

Other Considerations:

Training will be considered and made available if an individual has strong interest in the role but lacks areas of experience considered relevant to the role’s success.

Travel to trade shows, customer and prospect sites will be periodically required as deemed necessary to meet the goals of the position. The amount of travel is not expected to be significant, and will be determined by trade show dates (hard dates) and Sale’s requests for participating with on-site demonstrations (soft dates).

Still reading? Ready to apply?

Send an email to with your cover letter and resume. If you have any references be sure to include those also. Good luck!

Posted: January 26, 2022

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