Increase Your Profit Margin And Reduce Costs

Join us on Wednesday, Nov. 28th at 9 am MST to learn more about COLLECTPlus™

Why attend this 45 minute webinar?

You face many challenges in running your business; you deliver products and services in good faith and expect to be paid in a timely manner. While you may collect a large portion from commercial insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, collecting the private pay dollars you are owed is where the real profit margin for your business lies and is in many ways the toughest to collect.

The problems that will be addressed are:

  • Why increasing deductibles and co-pays are driving up customer balances.
  • Why your initial patient communications create a culture of non-urgency.
  • Why traditional monthly billing statements can cause patient confusion and increase staff labor.
  • Why you need to employ other technologies to create payment urgency and “go where your patients are” by using methods the customer is more likely to react to – phone calls, voice mails, emails and text messages.

You will learn the hows and whys of COLLECTPlus™:

  • Why COLLECTPlus™ is the industry leader in private pay billing and collections.
  • How today’s technology improves customer communication resulting in more payments, faster.
  • How COLLECTPlus™ is seemlessly integrated with your TIMS Software.
  • How the online payment portal bears your company logo and gives customers a 24/7 payment option for one time or recurring payments.
  • Why COLLECTPlus™ results are unmatched in the industry today averaging over 80% recovery at less than 8% cost.

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out from the industy leader, A/R Allegiance, how to improve your cash recoveries at minimal cost.


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