Announcing TIMS HME Enhanced Integration with CollectPlus©

TIMS HME Software CollectionsWith the latest release of TIMS, Computers Unlimited (CU) announces enhanced integration with COLLECTPlus© , the premier billing and collection service powered by A/R Allegiance Group, LLC (ARA). The COLLECTPlus© program will better automate many of the billing and collections features TIMS users are already familiar with.

“We’ve had a long-term relationship with A/R Allegiance but saw the need to complete certain aspects of our integration with COLLECTPlus© . The latest release of TIMS accomplishes that and more,” says David Schaer, President, CU. “This integration includes added features i.e., auto posting payments, dashboard sign-on, and enhanced statement design available to TIMS users at no additional cost.”

“COLLECTPlus© includes every conceivable task related to billing and collections, combining them into one single-sourced dashboard. This completely automated process is transparent, highlighting where, when, and how your money is being collected … and at what cost,” says Keith Lilek, CEO, ARA. “The COLLECTPlus© methodology is so uniquely designed that we are thrilled that CU has chosen to integrate it into their programming. It’s an exciting time for TIMS users.”

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