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Training takes time, as does learning. But the effort put forth can reap big rewards, not only in job satisfaction but in ROI as well. We want to give you every opportunity to build better TIMS users. With that in mind, here's a look at some of the learning tracks that will help you and your staff do your jobs with greater efficiency.

1. One of the best resources to help you learn about TIMS is the customer portal. Find out how to access and make the best use of this tool along with a variety of other supporting tools and services within TIMS in the "Tools for Improved Employee Engagement" session.

2. Register for "Order Entry – Optimizing for a Better Experience" if you're new to TIMS Order Entry or just need a brush-up experience. You'll learn about mouseless order entry, hotkeys, OE configuration, order history, and more.

3. Discover the best way to find what you are looking for at "Batch & Daily Processing." This class will give you an understanding of the best methods to leverage your automated batch processes.

4. In the "Catalog & Pricing" class, you'll gain a better understanding of the TIMS Catalog System. You'll discover pricing features that can be used to assist you in setting your inventory prices and maintaining them.

5. "Speed It Up – Pare It Down." Learn about keeping your data safe, secure, and retrievable. This session will guide you through the steps we take to ensure that the moving process from onsite hardware to the cloud is seamless.

6. An introduction to TIMS Automated Purchasing includes a review of different options available to you on the purchasing tab of the inventory location record. We'll provide tips and tricks for current users and also highlight the Automated Purchasing Application in the "Streamline Your Purchasing Potential With Automated Purchasing" class.

Plus, we've also got Training Track sessions on TIMS Collator, Tracking Inventory & Equipment, EIS+, along with Notes & Tasks. Lastly, don't forget Karen's invigorating yearly highlights session where you'll learn about changes and advances to both TIMS core and TIMS mobile products. Note: the official agenda shows Training Track sessions in blue, to the left of the class title/description.

We'll also highlight some of last year's new modules including TIMS A/R Collections, advances to mobile products, Bulk Gas Manager, CIFR, and more.

Want more details? Click below to get registered. Get access to the full agenda, the registration form, and hotel information, and register for a specialized One-On-One training session in the Hands-On Room.

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