Sorry We Missed You — Users Group 2019

It's been another whirlwind of learning opportunities at Users Group 2019 this past week. For those who were able to be here, we sincerely thank you for your time and input to help us build better TIMS users. For those of you that weren't able to attend, here are a few highlights that may be of interest to you. 

 Here are some actionable items to implement right now.

Four Ways to Deliver – Robert B, Smartphone Solution Specialist, discussed the varying ways you can use TIMS Delivery. 

(1) Scheduler or (2) Roadnet Drivers see their routes based on date, truck, and driver number with real-time updates and the ability to add new orders on the fly. You can see driver locations in real-time and see orders as they are delivered, rescheduled, or marked as undeliverable.

(3) Direct Mode For on call/hotshot drivers. Pull orders in based on order number and process them just like any other delivery. Create both new deliveries and future orders on the go.

(4) Walk-In Mode Ideal for front counter customers. Look up orders by account and add new orders including gases and hardgoods in real time.

Robert also talked about truck load/unload capabilities and using Bulk Gas Manager in conjunction with Delivery. We heard from Brad Bayne with Green CO2 about how these two components work together to significantly improve operations. 

TIMS Assistant Robert discussed contracts, open A/R, open orders, deliveries, quotes, and quick orders, along with new capabilities coming soon: cylinder/inquiry, warehouse transfers, and truck/inquiry. You'll be able to see where a truck is on its route, and whether orders have been completed. Also coming soon—Interaction Inquiry which will give you the ability to view actual customer/prospect interactions by sales staff. 

A/R – Megan G, Product Owner, demonstrated how A/R eliminates the need for generating or distributing A/R reports. Once worklists are set-up, your staff can "work" the list. Management can set goals for staff, and everything is reportable. She also discussed how to load forms like Dunning letters, and how to attach documents to send out with collection letters from files or by using Imaging. 

Contract Campaign Manager Tools – Mark P, Software Quality Analyst, discussed:

  • Multi-Year Pricing for contracts and future contract rollover
  • Service Agreements and terms for termination, notification, and renewal
  • The "evergreen clause" which can automatically extend a contract expiration date
  • Setting user privileges to regulate the user experience 
  • Contract cap % and required increase days
  • Creating, reviewing, and publishing a campaign 
  • Viewing contract change history
  • Mark, along with Ben Bisconer, Complete Welders; BJ Barr, nexAir; and Linda Fette, Helget Gas Products; led a panel discussion about the time-saving effects Contract Campaign Manager had on their businesses.

Power BI – Adam G, Product Owner, discussed Power BI® 

Adam demonstrated how to use the TIMS Connector to tap directly into TIMS data in Power BI. Users have access to revenue, account, and inventory item data that is well formatted and intuitive. Power BI allows you to create visually stunning reports and dashboards, which can be published to and shared with other users in your organization. He also discussed how Power BI lets you easily mesh data sources, combining TIMS data along with Excel® files and other data sources to create a model that serves as a single source of truth within your organization.

Both TIMS Accounts Receivable and TIMS Contract Campaign Manager are standard in TIMS 7. (With service pack purchase)

If you need more information on a particular product or service, contact your TIMS product consultants.Contact us for a personalized demo of TIMS Software.  . .  Tracie Hunt Systems Consultant . Kristine Weber Systems Support Consultant . Jason Shroyer Systems Consultant

The slide decks from each class are available on our user portal for TIMS customers only. Please feel free to download whatever interests you.

Thank You, Users Group Sponsors