Why Independent Distributors Are Choosing Online Hosting—Part 2

How an Online Hosting Solution Can Become an Independent Distributor's Most Valued Asset

Last week, we talked about problems that can occur with your hardware system like lost data, system crashes and lost productivity.       Click here to read Part One                                                                              

Now, let's discuss your server. In the past, you could get over 10 years out of a server for your business (and trust us, many people have tried to squeeze more life than that out of them). Experts now recommend replacing hardware every 3 to 5 years. If you have a server that's 5 years old, it's ancient and you are really taking a chance.

Reliable Backups—No worries about whether or not your backups are running.

Are you checking your backup tapes? You thought your backup was happening—the system told you it was, then you find out that the last viable backup took place 6 months ago. An IT nightmare! You, (or a very unhappy employee) has to go back and re-enter all that information if it's possible to retrieve it.

Information Technology Specialist—$$$$ Need we say more?

Instead, think ... one low monthly cost compared to unexpected high costs that could happen at any time, day after day, month after month.

Online Hosting—A secure solution.

Now may be the time to take a look at upgrading your business to an online solution that is dependable, safe and hassle-free. Our specialists handle this aspect of your business for you so you can concentrate on the rest.


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