Pick Your Learning Track at Users Group 2019

We want you to get the most out of your Users Group experience, so we've created two separate learning tracks. You can return to work filled with the knowledge that best suits you and start using it right away.

Whether you’ve been using TIMS for years, are training in new areas of your business, or are a novice, this year’s new Users Group agenda includes something for everyone at any knowledge level within your business. It includes two full days of learning, designed with two separate learning tracks and a full day Business Intelligence Post-Conference session.

  • The 1st learning track is for seasoned TIMS veterans and will focus on TIMS smart phone applications, Bulk Gas Manager, CIFR, Contract Campaign Manager, cloud hosting via Azure®, and more.
  • The 2nd learning track is intended especially for TIMS beginners, those that need training in specialty areas, or those that might have a new job position and need further knowledge of TIMS capabilities. You'll see classes offered such as Order Entry, Batch and Daily Processing, and Automated Purchasing to name a few.
  • Post-Conference BI all-day session. This session will show you how to make the best use of business intelligence capabilities within TIMS with real-world examples. This is a deep dive into TIMS BI & Reporting presented by Adam G, BI Product Owner.

Visit our 2019 Users Group Registration Page to see the full agenda and complete your registration.

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