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TIMS Assistant is the perfect mobile assistant for your entire sales team, making everyday tasks a breeze, from price and availability checks to order creation. TIMS Delivery provides both online and offline capabilities to meet the needs of a variety of operating environments. Create new orders on the fly or process existing orders. TIMS Plant targets fill plant operations, from tagging new cylinder assets, verifying and updating barcoded cylinder information, to filling and reconciliation.
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What our Clients are Saying

Just wanted to drop you a quick note on the Computers Unlimited integration for Simcoe Compressed Gas, after one month of utilization. While admittedly there were some bumps and hurdles, your team has handled all of our questions and concerns with grace and efficiency. I have nothing but good things to say about your team, response time, and handling of our (ok, mostly my) sometimes repetitive inquires. Our team here at Simcoe, especially the new users that have experience with other systems including SAP and ERP, have commented several time show easy and user-friendly it is. We appreciate all of your help and support, if you need a reference for anyone interested in using the cloud version of your software please do not hesitate to ask! Thanks again for all your help and support!

Simcoe Compressed Gas Inc.

The time savings, the accuracy, and the ease of the process, were the three highlights of using the new Cylinder Count app.We inventoried our cylinders company-wide once per year. We used to have people writing on paper and we would tally, and you had to find the right page with the part number that you were counting. It was very time intensive and very low accuracy.We counted one pile of 66 cylinders in about 3 minutes.We intend to do the equivalent of cycle counts, to reset our inventory balances. The thought is we should do the same with steel and gases as our hard-goods.We were very happy with the end result of the count. This was our first attempt, and I estimate in the future it will take maybe 1/10th the time as it used to.

Industrial Source

TIMS eCommerce is an excellent online ordering tool and a great resource for customers.

Middlesex Gases & Equipment

For me as an IT manager, working with Computers Unlimited (CU) has come to mean a rock solid alliance for my business. It is a company I have entrusted to support my company. My relationship with CU is critical to keeping my business healthy. It is a company I believe in and depend upon on a regular basis. However, for me personally, it means more than just these things.

Middlesex Gases & Equipment

Brian C. has been a HUGE help to us for this wireless project. He has really dedicated a lot of time to it and I really appreciate it.

Oxygen Service Company

When I think back on my eighteen year association with Computers Unlimited, two words come to the forefront; partnership and attentiveness. From my very first TIMS roll out with project management, CU’s corporate culture of caring was evident in both their efforts to ensure the successful implementation of the software and their willingness to listen to (and act on) suggestions to improve and make it more user friendly. CU knows their “users” are more than customers; they consider them partners in growing their mutual businesses.


Thank you, Lin G. and Dave S., for your hard work on getting this job done. David, you did a super job of heading this project up and covering all the bases. It is such a blessing to have great resource people to call on when you need help…that is why my loyalty is to Computers Unlimited, you guys have never let me down.


ACM is our guarantee to customers that their cylinder tracking is accurate and this builds confidence in the relationship. Using ACM to identify and prevent cylinder discrepancies is a win/win proposition.

Welders Supply Company 

Computers Unlimited’s TIMS system has assisted us in becoming a 21st century technology company within a century old industry. Their system creates information at our fingertips with technology from thought to finish.

ILMO Products Company

It’s so much more than just a price update system… It’s easy to price and quote non-stock items without any rekeying. There’s no better system out there.

Purity Cylinder Gases Inc.

We switched to ACM from a web based tracking system because ACM is fully integrated. We were tired of managing two separate systems and dealing with manual entry. We’ve realized incredible savings with ACM.

General Distributing Company

Our oldest employee liked TIMS immediately. He didn’t struggle through a learning curve at all. It was wonderful!

NLR Welding Supply

Since using ACM, we reduced our cylinder exception errors by 86%, and significantly improved our driver’s route efficiency.

Welders Supplies Limited

TIMS catalog system gives us a virtual SKU inventory without all the additional overhead.


Customer Centric is great, you have all of your customer information you need in one place. Plus, the History tab in CCI is a huge timesaver.

Maine Oxy

Using TIMS standard Inventory Management and Automated Purchasing, we were able to reduce inventory levels by over $330,000 in just 40 days.

American Welding & Gas

Kenny was able to help me with my stress of this crazy file! PS..he is AWESOME!!

Crystal Baker, Bemidji Welders Supply

We now have users putting in hundreds of orders per month with TIMS Assistant. It's extremely handy to have all of your customer's information including contracts, open orders, history etc. at your fingertips. Many of our guys use it to scan the customers inventory items when they are placing the order in the field. All of this has increased efficiency and accuracy. It's sometimes hard to imagine not having TIMS Assistant now! It's a fully functional mobile version of TIMS Software.

Chass Thuresson, Industrial Source, Oregon

Our sales staff is using TIMS Assistant to enter orders, check inventory availability, and address cylinder balance questions in real-time. They like the fact that they have the ability to address many sales history questions and how deep you can drill down in certain areas to resolve issues. It helps the sales team to be functional and responsive while in the field.

Eric Terwilliger, Airweld Inc., New York

With TIMS Assistant I have access to all the standard TIMS information out in the field so I can get my orders in on-time. TIMS Assistant has helped me with real-time cylinder inventory which has led to avoiding disputes. It’s a great time saver. I can get real-time answers to questions that I would normally have had to rely on someone else for the answer. For salespeople, it is the best tool we have had so far. Just about everything I need is at my fingertips. I’m not depending on others as much so it saves the whole company time and I have the peace of mind knowing that what I need is correct.

Jason Coffman, Cryo-Source, Oregon

Our staff uses TIMS Assistant when writing up orders away from the office or when making a delivery with ACM tracked cylinders. TIMS Assistant improves our efficiency as orders are written up in real-time, dispatched quickly and seamlessly, and as all cylinder barcodes are attached using the scan feature. The system also allows our sales staff to review account information in the field if a customer has questions on pricing, gas use, or wants a quote written up immediately. TIMS Assistant has been a great asset for Sutton-Garten Company.

Jake Maynard, Sutton-Garten, Indiana

I went to a customer's site for a very large install yesterday. I used TIMS Delivery to do a rental order, and to place all the assets in TIMS. We also did a parts order for all the hardgoods we charge up front. I wanted you all to know that things went great, and the service team is excited to use this new mobile delivery technology. We appreciate your efforts and how this new technology is doing great things for us.

Green CO2 Systems

Overall, we've seen a lot of success with our ecommerce site. We primarily push it as an account management tool with online bill payment capabilities. Nearly all of the customers that would call us on a regular basis to make credit card payments over the phone have been converted to the ecommerce site, as well as all of the customers that would previously call us to get copies of invoices and proof of deliveries on a regular basis. To us, that alone makes the system worth it. YTD we've had about 1,290 orders placed on the ecom site, equaling about 900k.


We deliver all our own bulk gas and TIMS Bulk Gas Manager allows our schedulers to see, manage, and schedule bulk orders in the same software that they use everyday.

Tulsa Gas & Gear

We recently went live with the TIMS Bulk Gas Manager, TIMS Roadnet integration, and TIMS Delivery. The bottom line results have been amazing—routing and scheduling efficiencies reduced weekly deliveries by 20% which translates into over $150K in annual delivery cost savings.

Green CO2 Systems

It's the partnernership: core values, honesty, integrity, life balance, and continuous improvement.

Linda Fette, Helget Gas Products

When we decided to move our company to TIMS a few years ago, we knew we had found the right software platform to manage the rapid growth of our company.

Brad Bayne, Green CO2 Systems

We partnered with TIMS, a company that takes the time to understand our operational needs and works with us to continually enhance their offerings. One example of this is their bulk gas management tool and delivery mobile application. With TIMS Delivery, using delivery forecasting with the Roadnet routing solution, we will reduce our operating costs for bulk deliveries by over $150K during the next year.

Brad Bayne, Green CO2 Systems

The new TIMS Contract Campaign Manager application is a shining example of how well Computers Unlimited understands our business and processes.”

BJ Barr, nexAir, LLC

Reviewing customer specific pricing has always been a challenge at nexAir. This new application provides a user-friendly format while managing the entire review process. Implementing Contract Campaign Manager this year has allowed us to perform pricing reviews more accurately, more easily, and far more efficiently.

BJ Barr, nexAir, LLC

With the dedication and resources at Computers Unlimited, we recently rolled out 100 drivers.

Jenny Baker, nexAir, LLC

At nexAir we take pride in continuous improvement. Using Computer Unlimited’s smartphone technology, we implemented TIMS Advanced Cylinder Management to track our cylinder assets, our routing is managed with TIMS and Roadnet integration and we track our deliveries using the TIMS Delivery mobile app. It’s seamless and transparent and will dramatically streamline our daily operations.

Jenny Baker, nexAir, LLC

TIMS keeps all their users at the forefront of this industry.

Cathy Mason, Innovair Group

What makes a difference to us? TIMS support teams! They work on ideas and solutions until we have the right answer for our business. Knowing that there are people who work directly with us and listen to our questions is a huge asset. TIMS puts our ideas into development for our business and for all of TIMS users as well.

Cathy Mason, Innovair Group

The new TIMS A/R Collections Worklist has saved my team about 20 hours a week!

Johanna Love, Westair Gases & Equipment, Inc.

I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for your great employees and great application! We just started using A/R Worklist for collections and my team is blown away! This new worklist tackled so many of our pain points and resolved them with a new level of efficiency, and working with your team has been a breeze. Thank you!

Johanna Love, Westair Gases & Equipment, Inc.

TIMS Contract Campaign Manager enabled us to implement contract price updates in days, instead of weeks, accurately measuring the financial impact.

Jason Huss, ILMO Products Company

This is a full end-to-end solution. We recently implemented Contract Campaign Manager for our annual price increases for gas and cylinder rent. With CCM we were able to see more information in a single click than we were ever able to see before. Computers Unlimited listens to its customers and continues to develop programs to suit our industry’s needs.

Jason Huss, ILMO Products Company

Contract Campaign Manager has given us a whole new level of confidence and accuracy with hitting forecasted financial targets. The number of hours required each month to implement contract price increases has gone from fifty to just two, done by one staff member as opposed to five.

Linda Fette, Helget Gas Products

The ability to export the campaign data for additional analysis in Excel is an added plus. Contract Campaign Manager enables greater participation from the entire sales team because it empowers them to better understand the financial impact of price increases and financial goals to hit.

Ben Bisconer, Complete Welders

It used to take one person 40 hours to implement a contract price increase. Now the entire process has been reduced to 2 hours! If you’re not using it, you should be. It’s a huge time saver.

Chass Thuresson, Industrial Source, Oregon

A/R Worklists has taken collections to a whole new level. The ROI impact for us was immediate. We eliminated 2,080 hours of collection time, saving $55k per year. The ability to email customers A/R info and collection forms allows us to reach 25 accounts in the same amount of time it took to make one 5-minute call to a single customer under the old way of collecting.

Linda Fette, Helget Gas Products

The ability to create unique worklist allows us to target specific aging scenarios, i.e. cylinder rental invoices past 50 days or a worklist that targets a given sales person’s account. It’s a powerful tool for our collections staff and has improved their time management by 40%.

Ben Bisconer, Complete Welders

The ability for sales people to record their interactions (emails, visits, calls) with customers and prospects enables management to report on these activities to help measure productivity levels.

Linda Fette, Helget Gas Products

TIMS Assistant has been a game charger for our sales reps. Instead of calling in or returning to the office sales to place orders or ask for specific account information, sales people can do all that and more on a smartphone and spend more time in the field.

Ben Bisconer, Complete Welders

TIMS Assistant has been a slam dunk for us. The sales teams use it to place orders in the field, create quotes, email them, charge the customer, and collect the payment all in one process.” “We created a report to monitor how many orders each sales person is entering, a monthly ‘TIMS Assistant Report Card’ that shows how many orders are being created, the dollar amount, and the # of items. It’s a great way to maintain accountability and the visibility doubled the use of TIMS Assistant for the whole sales force. We are currently processing $400k of sales every month using TIMS Assistant.

Chass Thuresson, Industrial Source, Oregon


TIMS Assistant

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