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Computers Unlimited (CU) provides integrated software solutions, cloud computing and support services to three primary markets – Industrial Gas & Welding Supply Distributors, HME/DME & Closed Pharmacy Providers and Audiologists & Dispensers.

CU’s flagship software product TIMS (Total Information Management System) delivers key software functionality and vital information to meet customer requests and industry requirements without hesitation.

Find out why market leaders and companies of all sizes rely on CU’s market insight and innovation to help them operate more efficiently, deliver world-class customer service and maintain the competitive edge.

This letter is to express my thanks and gratitude to the entire Computers Unlimited team. The support we received from both the Technical and Procedural groups was outstanding!
- Prest-O-Sales and Service



If you are an HME Provider, do you know how many rules your billers have to set…


If you’re on the fence about whether to attend TIMS Audiology Users Group this year…maybe we can…


Back in the day, when HME providers needed documentation, gathering necessary supporting documents was a very manual…

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