A successful start with TIMS

The Project Management team is comprised of business system experts with a wealth of experience in transitioning customers from old systems to TIMS Software, including data conversion, training and ongoing business process consulting.

We assign a team of technicians to manage each facet of your system’s implementation. As a part of that team, you are led by a CU project leader, who coordinates the process, serves as liaison throughout the startup phase and assures a successful implementation.

To further guarantee a smooth transition, a system’s implementer works closely with you to design a custom training program that addresses factors such as: company size, business diversity, employee proficiency and existence of online branches. In addition, our team is also readily available to assist system managers by providing training and services on system utilities, optimization and resource management.

TIMS Data Conversion Specialists bring years of experience in bringing new customers from other data systems over to TIMS Software. Our conversion specialists communicate with your team throughout the process. We carefully review and assess your legacy system’s data to decide the best data migration path. When any exceptions or deviations arise, our specialists put their hands-on experience to work to ensure a successful outcome.

Implementation Services

Acquisition Services

We're right alongside you as you grow your business!

If you’re thinking of a merger or acquisition for your company’s growth strategy, our decades of software and business development, along with specific industry insight, will successfully guide you.

By taking million dollar companies and providing the exact services needed to help them grow, we have helped them become billion dollar companies. Our team works directly with you to assist with new data builds, as well as data migration

Growing business means growing data.

The Acquisition Services team provides an efficient vehicle for new and existing customer data migration. As your business expands, we ensure the integrity of your data is preserved.

Transition smoothly with...

  • Data cleanup opportunities – for improved operations and reporting
  • Data merging – reduce manual entry by utilizing specifically developed conversion programs
  • Reducing manual file builds – for increased accuracy
  • Working through data convert exceptions and data validation

You’ll be ready to meet new challenges in the market, well-equipped and stronger with TIMS proficiency.

Acquisition Services

Account Management

A customer service advocate for your business.

The Account Management Service is designed to complement your business and help you reach your business needs efficiently and effectively. Since we're distinctly familiar with your business hierarchy, staff and procedures, we can be an invaluable customer service advocate.

Account managers have in-depth knowledge of both your business processes and TIMS. Issue resolution, task management and status updates are all addressed quickly. Working together, we'll stay on track to make sure that technical and application support issues are addressed in a timely manner and requests for data fixes, new development or reporting changes are expedited.

You'll see benefits that will save you time and money…

  • Calls will be channeled from authorized users to dedicated resources at CU
  • Reported issues will be monitored and tracked – from inception through resolution
  • Receive issue escalation, and faster resolutions
  • Coordinated bi-monthly status meetings with follow-up reports

Our account managers coordinate task management on special projects, training requests, testing as well as special programming requests on your behalf.

We want you to be able to focus on growing your business and count on us to take care of the details regarding your software.

Account Management

Custom Development

We realize one size does not fit all.

TIMS Software is one integrated solution, but offers hundreds of system configuration options. With custom development, targeted modifications can be made to TIMS just for your unique business environment. Our disciplined approach to software development begins with fully understanding our customers’ businesses and accommodating their exclusive requirements.

Talk to any CU employee and they’ll tell you that their job is all about the customer—ours and yours. More than 70% of our team is focused on product development and support services.

A custom fit may be the perfect solution. Improvements can provide insight that streamlines processes, delivers better service to your customers and takes profits to the next level!

Custom development that grows with your business.

TIMS Software has been an integral part of the growth of hundreds of businesses. Whether you are new to TIMS or are an existing customer with new challenges to meet in your business environment… CU’s development team can make it happen.

Custom Development


We exist to serve our customers.

Providing effective business solutions to procedural and technical questions is the goal of Computers Unlimited’s technical and application support teams. Our US-based support specialists have been working with customers for over 40 years. Through call tracking systems, each challenge and solution has been documented, creating a growing base of knowledge that allows us to resolve issues fast, and provide insight to industry best practices.


What our Clients are Saying

David [in Technical Support] was our focal point of contact with regard to technical issues [during the system recovery process]. He did a great job with our system recovery and was a pleasure to work with.

Tech Air

You guys are great, so responsive and eager to continue to make TIMS the best EMR for our industry. I can’t thank you enough.

Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates

Once again I would like to compliment Gayle [in Project Management] on her training ability. She has a great cadence, upbeat attitude and a way of changing confusion into clarity!

Care Medical

For me as an IT manager, working with Computers Unlimited (CU) has come to mean a rock solid alliance for my business. It is a company I have entrusted to support my company.

Middlesex Gases & Technologies, Inc.

The implementation team at Computers Unlimited was fantastic; they guided us through every step of the conversion process. They reviewed our data, they brought up issues that we had not even noticed … then they helped us to correct those issues.

Keene Medical Products

When I think back on my eighteen year association with Computers Unlimited, two words come to the forefront; partnership and attentiveness.


The TIMS team is a great group and they really have a way of encouraging everyone to learn the system.


TIMS Software and Computers Unlimited have always worked with us as a customer, and the partnership for us has been very good. So, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them as a partner to other hearing care businesses.

Hidden Hearing Limited (UK)

Our Partners

We’re dedicated to building strong relationships with other leading industry associations, buying groups and relevant services in order to bring the right solution to you.

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