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TIMS Software is dedicated to building strong relationships with other leading industry associations, buying groups and relevant services in order to bring the right solution to you. We utilize these partnerships to keep our processes and knowledge at the highest level for your market.


HIMSA offers Noah – one standard for integrated hearing care software. HIMSA also provides the NOAHlink programming interface for hearing instruments. Today, over 130 companies support the Noah software standard. Noah is available in localized versions for over 25 markets. As of January 2017, total Noah registrations amounted to more than 35000 units worldwide.



Use Noah to record journal notes regarding the client session. All information is automatically saved into the client's record, either in Noah or in a Noah-compatible office management system, without any direct action on your part. Noah comes with modules for performing basic fitting, measurement and office management functions.


Healthcare Revenue Group, LLC

HRG (Healthcare Revenue Group) is a service organization with specialized teams who are exclusively focused in our areas of expertise: healthcare consulting, hearing care, advanced practice nursing, medical and surgical practices. Working with our clients, we bring a comprehensive set of services to include billing, credentialing and contracting, accounting and healthcare consulting. Our single focus is the financial health of your practice.

VISIT Healthcare Revenue Group, LLC

Review Wave

Your patients can now schedule their own appointments, based on their availability, on your website. After the appointment, we send a feedback request; if your patient is satisfied, Review Wave directs them to leave you a review. If the patient is not happy, we find out why, and alert you. We monitor all of your online reviews and promote them. Lastly, Review Wave syncs all your listings so potential patients find you first.

VISIT Review Wave

CapTel from T-Mobile

Hearing loss shouldn’t isolate you from the people you care about. With a CapTel from T-Mobile phone, you’ll hear what you can and read what you miss on calls. Read captions of everything your caller says, in real-time. No more missed details. No more asking someone to repeat themselves. No more waiting for a quiet room to make a call. Your CapTel phone makes every word count. Even better, you may qualify to get your phone at no cost!

VISIT CapTel from T-Mobile


CareCredit helps you pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for you, your family, and even your pets! Once you are approved, you can use it again and again to help manage health, wellness, and personal care costs not covered by insurance.

VISIT CareCredit


Simple accounting software. Shockingly easy to use.

VISIT Quickbooks


CaptionCall is a revolutionary phone that provides smooth-scrolling captions of what callers say on a large, easy-to-read display screen to reinforce their hearing. It also provides superb sound quality with amplification and customizable audio settings for the ultimate calling experience. Now enjoy TIMS Software integration of the forms for qualified patients to receive CaptionCall at no cost. To learn more about CaptionCall call 1-877-557-2227.

VISIT CaptionCall


AllWell is the premier vendor for select healthcare patient financing throughout the United States.



For almost two decades, TransNational has continued to evolve the fast-paced merchant services industry with cutting-edge technology and unmatched customer support. Whether you are looking to expand e-commerce business across borders, or streamline your local mom & pop boutique, we are a payment services provider you can truly rely on.

VISIT TransNational


ClearCaptions makes communication with your patients easier through the use of phone call captioning equipment and services, letting your patients see what’s being said in real time. Access the simple request form directly in TIMS to email or print, then submit to ClearCaptions on behalf of your patient.



Audigy, part of the GN Group, is the industry’s premier practice management consultancy and service provider for hearing care practices, ENT practices, and health systems. With expertise in finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and professional development, we help practices and their teams deliver superior patient care, thrive in an increasingly competitive market, and achieve results they never thought possible. We can help you reach your goals, too. Join us in shaping the future of hearing care.

Audiology doc and patient

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TIMS celebrates many firsts, from the first provider to develop a fully integrated Electronic Claims Management System, the first to fully integrate NOAH, and the first to integrate directly with QuickBooks.


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