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It's Simple to Give This Gift to Your Patients

January 25, 2019
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No one likes feeling isolated. Captioned telephone service for your patients gives them the gift of staying connected to friends and loved ones. Now it's easier than ever because in TIMS 6.06, you can order a captioned telephone right within TIMS. 

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Part 2: Mining Your Gold With Noah Data Mining

December 5, 2018
Computers Unlimited

It's your data, it's worth its weight in gold, and you should have the ability to extract it and use it. Here's a few more reasons to incorporate both TIMS Software and Noah for a complete practice management software for your busy audiology clinic. 

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Part 1: How to Add a Data Analyst to Your Staff Without Paying a Salary

November 27, 2018
Computers Unlimited


Change your business model to get the patient data you need.

Noah Data Mining: maybe you've heard of it, or maybe the practice management software you are using today doesn't fully integrate with Noah. But what Noah integration combined with Noah Data Mining can do for your practice or clinic is enable you to access all of your patient audiogram data, then examine it based on your search criteria, providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions.

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In Business and in the Community, TIMS Software Staff makes a Difference

October 8, 2018
Computers Unlimited

Tara Schultz, TIMS Software Programmer, (pictured on the left), recently spent some time in the spotlight for her service by helping to start up a local chapter of 'Girl Develop It,' a nonprofit organization that aims to provide affordable and judgment-free opportunities for women who want to learn coding and related software skills.

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Four Reasons Why Burnaby Hearing Centre Depends on TIMS

October 3, 2018
Computers Unlimited

Kaitlin Sadiwnyk is part of the busy staff that keeps Burnaby Hearing Centre humming. According to Kaitlin, here's how they do it.

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