Generate Revenue With These Six Reports

Just a small time investment of entering TIMS Software patient records can yield big returns in added income for your practice. TIMS has standardized reports on patient records to identify and create new sales opportunities using customizable...

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3 Key Components to Successful Patient Marketing Campaigns

Meeting the challenges of today's hearing care marketplace isn't easy. While making efforts to attract new patients is important to your practice, growth through reaching out to your current patients is simple and achievable.

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Help Your Patients Get The Assistance They Need

A TIMS partner that makes it simple to get your patients the tools they need to stay connected.

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Your Answer to the Right Audiology Software

Whether you have an Audiology practice or an Audiology & SLP combined practice, find your best options for a stand-alone audiology software or audiology plus SLP that does what you need it to.

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The Ease of Electronic Medical Records

If paperwork is overwhelming your day-to-day processes, we can help. Electronic medical records are far more safe and secure than paper charts. By implementing data entry, scanning documents, and using a signature pad, you can store and quickly...

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The Easiest Way to Get Referrals at a Rapid Rate

Review Wave has a phenomenal referral program for our clients that

benefits you and the colleagues you refer.

Read below to learn more.

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A few of our trusted partners*...

*Services available for US customers only