Put the Pieces Together on Your Practice Software – An Interview With a TIMS Expert

 TIMS Training and Implementation – It's Simple

We recently spoke with our almost 8 year veteran TIMS expert, Shaun. She is responsible for implementing and training new TIMS Audiology & SLP users, along with training existing users on new...

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Need an Audiology Software With SLP? Look to TIMS

Running an audiology and  SLP combined practice is a lot of work, but you do it because it benefits  your patients. Make it easier on yourself and your staff by improving your daily processes. Take a look at TIMS SLP features to find out if they...

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Double entry issues with HL7 & your EHR system? Look to TIMS Software.

If you are an audiology practice, in a hospital setting or ENT environment, take a look at the combination of TIMS and HL7. This combo can significantly change how you work, specifically how much more efficiently you can work.

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Integrate Your Audiology Department with HL7

 Speed up your daily business practices while eliminating redundancy for you and your staff by providing a means for your audiology software system to communicate with your hospital or ENT's main software system.

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Your Answer to the Right Audiology Software

Whether you have an Audiology practice or an Audiology & SLP combined practice, find your best options for a stand-alone audiology software or audiology plus SLP that does what you need it to.

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ASHA Convention, Orlando 2019

We would love to see you at the upcoming ASHA Convention in Orlando, Florida this November 21st thru the 23rd. If you can't attend, please catch up on our new SLP tools to help audiology and SLP combined practices. 

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