Your Answer to the Right Audiology Software

Whether you have an Audiology practice or an Audiology & SLP combined practice, find your best options for a stand-alone audiology software or audiology plus SLP that does what you need it to.

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Strengthen Your Image Through Diagnostic Report Customization

Diagnostic reports are a reflection of your practice. Ensuring they mimic your hearing practice’s image from data to customer service is vital. We provide editable report templates and a report builder so you can focus on your customer service. 


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Open the Door to Opportunity Tracking

TIMS Opportunity Tracking is an integrated marketing tool that helps you take control of sales opportunities by displaying patients' hearing aid statuses based on Noah Audiograms, resale and expiration dates.

Fundamentally, the way TIMS Opportunity...

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The Power of TIMS Software and NOAH 4 Interface

TIMS® Audiology & SLP Software seamlessly integrates with Noah System 4 Software, providing a comprehensive data portability system and a standardized platform for hearing test results. This powerful combination offers immediate benefits for your...

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