Our Story

Founded in 1978 in Billings, Montana, by Dr. Michael Schaer, Computers Unlimited has evolved into a software development leader that delivers the only truly integrated solution for industrial welding and gas distributors, HME/DME providers and hearing professionals. Total Information Management System (TIMS®) is at the center of many industry-leading businesses helping them to maintain the competitive edge.

After more than a decade of dedication to software development and customers, David Schaer assumed the role of company president in April of 2009 with the same commitment to developing solutions that meet and exceed the needs of customers.

“We support what we develop, provide a migration path forward and deliver technical and support resources that are in short supply,” says Schaer.

From education and training to implementation and beyond, customers rely on Computers Unlimited to provide solutions that strengthen their company and build a solid foundation to achieve their future business goals.

To meet the needs of a large customer base, over 170 dedicated employees build long-standing relationships as they work side-by-side with each and every customer.

This is evident in our company's unparalleled customer support, training and continued education. Annual Users Group conferences provide a forum of support, feedback and education. Meetings have also been held in the spring with a select group of customers we call "The Steering Committee." (Watch this video to learn more.) Through these two events, Computers Unlimited gains valuable input and direction on software features that keep customers’ businesses running smoothly.

Today, Computers Unlimited proudly serves over 20,000 users across North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Our Mission

When we partner with your company, the process we take is customized to your needs. With the continued support of both your employees and our team, we can experience great success.

  1. We Exist to Serve Our Customers
  2. Our People Make It Happen
  3. Quality is a Given
  4. Our Innovative Products and Services are Number One

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Our Partners

Partnership is at the core of what we do here at Computers Unlimited. We are dedicated to building strong relationships with other leading industry associations, buying groups and relevant services in order to bring the right solution to our customers.

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