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TIMS Software’s commitment to excellence reaches into the partnerships it has developed over the years. We continually look for companies that embody the same standard of excellence. Integration with these programs makes your workday just a little easier.

Wise Telemetry

Wise Telemetry offers remote monitoring products for the entire gas distribution chain from bulk gas transportation and storage all the way to individual cylinders and end-users. Each of our products senses and communicates critical information about your assets which improves delivery route planning, usage tracking, future demand prediction, and end-user satisfaction. With customers and partners across the world, you can trust Wise Telemetry to optimize your deliveries and save you money.

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Being successful in any business takes work, but for welding distributors we think it takes a little more than the usual amount. However, we want to help you work smarter, not harder, to get there. Mobile Computing is our way to get you there faster. Find out how Honeywell products can help you.

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Anova is a leading global provider of IIoT remote monitoring solutions and industrial assets. Harnessing over 120 years of combined experience, Anova provides wireless hardware and cloud-based analytics to reduce operational costs, prevent stock-outs, and improve customer service and engagement. With offices in the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia – and a growing network of cellular, satellite, and LPWAN devices in 65+ countries – Anova manages nearly 375,000 devices, connecting the industrial world, for better.



Roadnet Technologies enables organizations with fleets and mobile resources to gain a competitive advantage through lowered transportation costs, improved customer service, and enhanced transportation intelligence.

All of this critical transportation intelligence is available through web-based dashboards and reporting—giving customers the power needed to make solid business decisions.

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