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Learn more about our compliance efforts and how they improve our customer and partner experience.

Computers Unlimited takes software compliance
to the next level with SOC 2 Type II


We are proud of the work we have done to manage our risk and ensure that our policies and processes are effective at keeping our client data secure. Successfully completing the SOC 2* Type II audit highlights our continued commitment to deliver best-in-class solutions and safeguards that protect and secure our clients’ data.

Choose a partnership that values security and compliance.

When you work with Computers Unlimited, you work with a partner that values:


You want to work with a firm that understands and supports your security and compliance efforts. With Computers Unlimited, you can be sure you’ve chosen a partnership that will help you meet those goals. This means that parts of your own compliance have already been completed.

Data Security & Privacy

The Computers Unlimited infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect your data privacy. Protecting your data is our main priority, so we’ve taken all the necessary steps to design a program that values and protects your data security and privacy just as much as you do.

Quality Audits

We’ve chosen an audit partner who provides quality testing and results we can trust. Not all audits are created equally, but by working with KirkpatrickPrice on our SOC 2 audit, we’re confident that the controls we have implemented are effective and compliant.

Security and Compliance are Shared Responsibilities.

Our platform is designed to keep data safe. However, security is a two-way street, and we and our customer are both responsible for operating securely. As a Computers Unlimited client, you inherit all the best practices of our policies, architecture, and operational processes built to satisfy the requirements of industry standards and best practices.

As a Computers Unlimited client, you are also responsible for the use and management of the system and the data added to it. When these two elements work together properly, you can be confident in the security measures designed to protect your valuable data.


Compliance Results in Confidence.

Audits are challenging, but we’re proud of the hard work we’ve done to earn compliance with SOC 2. We are committed to providing secure services, and these compliance efforts make us confident we’re doing what we need to do to make that happen!


This attestation provides evidence that we have a strong commitment to security and to delivering high-quality services to our customers by demonstrating that we have the necessary internal controls and processes in place.

*April 2024 Update - SOC 2 Compliance applies to TIMS Industrial and TIMS HME.

A Qualified Partner Makes All the Difference.

We value partnerships that encourage quality, innovation, and teamwork. We want to enable great success for our clients and communities, and we want that from our own third-party relationships. Our audit partner is no different.

KirkpatrickPrice is an information security auditing firm whose goal is to make sure its clients are secure and compliant with whatever industry standards or customer demands they are facing. They seek to partner with clients and empower them to reach challenging compliance goals.

KirkpatrickPrice’s auditors make all the difference. They have been CTOs, CISOs, CSOs, and more. They understand the pressures clients are under as well as how difficult it is to become and stay compliant. That’s why they want to make sure every audit is worth it. KirkpatrickPrice has completed over 20,000 audits and security assessments for over 2,000 clients worldwide. Additionally, KirkpatrickPrice holds certifications with the following organizations:

SOC2 certs with Azure, CompTIA, Google Cloud, AWS, PCAOB, and many more.

Computers Unlimited Enterprise Strengths Identified during SOC 2 Audit by KirkpatrickPrice Auditor:

  • Dedication to security and willingness to improve: From my time working with the organization, I had a discussion with everyone I met about ways to improve security practices or answer any questions on security practices. The organization is dedicated to improving their security posture and seeks out ways to improve. Many changes are mapped out, and as the organization completes the trajectory, they will have an overall strong security posture.

  • Communications with the President: Communication is always key for an organization's security posture to succeed, and the constant communication leadership has with the President allows for quick and accurate decisions to be made. The President is also very dedicated in improving the overall security posture of the organization which is paramount to making improvements.

  • Information Security Committee process and the use of a VCISO: One of the ways the organization sticks to their dedication to improvement of security is through the ISC and meeting with the VCISO. The VCISO provides a fantastic outside perspective of the organization's security posture without bias in addition to providing tools to map out improvements and remediation. The use of the IT Tasks lists within Teams also provides a way to keep the organization and members on track to ensure required compliance tasks are being done within the required time frame.

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