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Manage bulk tank assets, usage rates, forecasting methods, price management, and order processing and billing. In addition to traditional tank forecasting methods, TIMS Bulk Gas Manager can integrate with leading telemetry reading devices to capture actual tank levels to help schedule and forecast replenishment orders with greater accuracy.
  • Manage argon, CO2, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and propane
  • Forecast and quickly create bulk orders
  • Optimize routes
  • Easily view bulk gas account information
  • Eliminate paper tickets by using TIMS Delivery
  • Capture actual tank levels by integrating with leading telemetry reading devices
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TIMS Bulk Gas Manager

TIMS Bulk Gas Manager

One simple, seamless way to track and manage all of your bulk gas deliveries.

Manage bulk gas tank installations, forecasting, ordering, scheduling, delivery, billing, and payment processing. With TIMS Bulk Gas Manager there’s no more guesswork.

  • Fully integrated with the core TIMS system in real-time.
  • Accurate, up-to-date tank readings.
  • Use Bulk Gas Manager to view deliveries, tanks, usage overrides, regulators, and readings.

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