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General Distributing Enlists Solution Experts for Groundbreaking E-Commerce Initiative

Recognizing how critical complete, detailed and current product information is to the online experience, General Distributing turned to DDS—as a proven expert in e-commerce product data—for a truly innovative product content solution. Not only are their customers benefitting from the highest quality product content available anywhere, but DDS takes the burden off their staff in obtaining it and keeping it updated, freeing them to stay focused on serving those customers.

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Computers Unlimited Sponsors - GAWDA TV: Episode 38 (Annual Convention Keynote Speakers)

Computers Unlimited shares a welcome message to GAWDA Annual attendees.

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Bulk gas technology foundations

In today’s challenging economic environment, distributors need an arsenal of tools and technologies to automate and streamline their bulk gas business. It’s wishful thinking that a single technology alone can accomplish this.

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GAWDA SMC: How not to get left behind in the digital marketplace

E-commerce was a key focus at the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) Spring Management Conference (SMC) this morning in Indianapolis, Indiana. In an expert panel discussion, formed of ESTech, the IWDC, Indiana Oxygen and Computers Unlimited, delegates were made aware of the critical need for e-commerce in the modern world.

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Top 10 Applications for Gas & Welding Supply Distributors

David Schaer, President of Computers Unlimited, gives a brief overview of the Top 10 software applications making an impact in today's economy.

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VIDEO: Computers Unlimited 2022 Forecast

There are several new initiatives planned for 2022, including building our mobile apps out even further, and a few other developments that will greatly improve and advance the technology available to distributors of packaged, bulk, and spec gases.

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Tapping into the latest IT solutions makes life easier

It’s expected that an ERP solution will handle the software aspect of your business and provide continual improvements to make day-to-day operations smoother. What often goes unmentioned is that today businesses rely on the technical solution just as much as the software.

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Preparing for Digitization of Gas & Welding Industry

Modernizing our mobile suite from ruggedized to take advantage of mobile technologies, allows us to maintain our role in bringing the latest tech to the Industrial Gas marketplace.

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A paradigm shift ... In packaged gas tracking and asset management

A paradigm shift is underway with traditional notions of asset management. Clever distributors – those that endeavour to see over the horizon – are positioning their businesses to take advantage of this paradigm shift. The root cause of this shift revolves around the adoption of mobile applications that are deeply integrated with the host ERP.

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Options and limitations with digital strategies

Given the expectation of today’s consumer, your digital strategy cannot afford to be limited to the notion your website is the current replacement to yesteryear’s Yellow Pages. (If this is you, there’s an 800 number for you to call.)

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The impact of COVID-19 on distributors' use of technology

Discover the importance of omnichannel distribution, and how it's deep integration is vital both within your own supply chain and customer facing.

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The Workforce is Changing

Baby Boomers, Generation X, Milllennials, and GenZ; are we all really as different.

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Autonomous vehicles, drone deliveries and cost of delivery

The idea of autonomous vehicles (AV) coming to some measure of practical maturity has been fascinating to observe.

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Computers Unlimited Users Group recap

We hosted our annual Users Group Conference in September 2019, creating an opportunity for up-and-coming gas distributor talent to experience TIMS Software and to network with both new and veteran users along with industry related vendors.

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E-commerce… what’s your strategy?

Distributors have a variety of e-commerce platforms and strategies to pursue when it comes to selling online.

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Connecting the world with telemetry

Telemetry is a hot topic these days and a reflection of the booming IOT world taking place across all industries.

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Expanding the shopping cart

We are all very aware of the potential threat or opportunity (depending on how you look at it) of exploding technology and how it has upended our buying routines.

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Customer contract price updates

We all know the challenges that come with managing contract price updates and agreements. They are time-consuming to plan, challenging to coordinate, and don’t always hit financial projections.

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Uberize your industrial gas deliveries

Today’s leading software ERP platforms offer Uber-like capabilities to industrial gas distributors that seamlessly connect your back office, customer service reps, dispatchers, and drivers into one unified service for you and your customers.

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IT challenges and solutions

Keeping up with information technology, both in terms of software and hardware, is one of the great challenges of our time and can be particularly daunting for independent gases and welding distributors.

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A unique approach to software development

As it celebrates 40 years of success in developing computer software and systems, Computers Unlimited (CU) finds itself an industry leader in providing integrated software solutions to the gas and welding industry throughout North America.

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Developing success through partnerships

Congratulations on your 40 years of success as a family-owned and managed business and thank you for inviting gasworld US to your 34th annual User’s Group Conference.