Asset Management Is More Than Simply Tracking

TIMS Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) is the industry’s leading, fully integrated cylinder tracking and management solution. It is an all-in-one solution designed to track and manage your entire cylinder fleet. Total asset tracking means total control. With ACM’s real-time updates, you know at any given time where your cylinders are located. Whether your cylinder is on the dock empty, on the dock full, on a truck being delivered, or at a customer or vendor site, you’ll know with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Unified view of the income you generate from gases, including rentals and leases
  • Rental pricing matrix for unlimited rental rates, fees and billing periods
  • Control how to charge, and what rate to charge, for cylinders—per customer or per item
  • Dynamic rental billing options in lease system
  • Generate rental invoices by summary or detail per customer
  • Automatically renew leases with invoices or renewal letters
  • Auto pay rental and lease with credit card
  • Inclusive inventory control of single and multiple warehouse locations
  • Inventory pricing, contracts, and fee system
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting of cylinder activity and gas sales
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Make Cylinder Physical Inventory Less Evil

Is there anything worse than a physical inventory? Yes, a cylinder physical inventory. Let’s face it, by the time your warehouse guy/gal nears the end of the count, they’re just ball-parking it: Oxygen R’s, let’s see… we’ll call it 23. And if they really are diligent, every cylinder looks basically the same, so you know there are errors: Did I already count that one?

TIMS Cylinder Count pp uses the same handheld scanners as TIMS ACM (Advanced Cylinder Management) to make this process fast and accurate.

A real-world example of the speed? Chass Thuresson of Industrial Source said, “We counted one pile of 66 cylinders in about 3 minutes.”

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