Make the Miles Work For You With TIMS Delivery & Routing

Get organized. Route and re-route your orders as needed to make the most effective and efficient decisions.
  • Create pre-defined routes
  • Print accurate DOT compliant manifests, trip reports, or load sheets.
  • Route orders directly from TIMS Order Entry
  • New or changed orders flagged for delivery are instantly sent to dispatcher
  • Dispatchers can view created orders, orders out for delivery, and completed orders
  • Process existing orders or create new orders with TIMS Mobile Delivery
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Case Study

Do you know where your drivers are?

Delivery can be an organized, seamless, and profitable part of your business strategy. Automate your delivery system to optimize your daily procedures with TIMS Delivery.

See exactly how a TIMS customer saved $4.5 million in one year by implementing TIMS Delivery. Reduce labor, delivery, fuel, and maintenance costs and, at the same time, increase daily deliveries per route.

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