Telehealth through Zoom

When Your Patients Can't be There,TIMS Can Help


Now more than ever, key areas of your practice need key management tools. When your patients need to see you but don't have the ability to come into your practice in person, TIMS can help you connect with them using Zoom.

  • Manage Zoom telehealth meetings directly from TIMS Software
  • Quickly create telehealth session and connect to patient appointment record
  • Simplify patient notification of telehealth session via text or email message
  • Easily record & store telehealth sessions into patient's activity area

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Speech-Language Pathology Tools

Software as specialized as you are

Record a patient's Developmental History, Behavioral Observations, Assessment Scores, Communication Profile and much more. Using captured data, you'll be able to compile SOAP notes, your plan of treatment and/or various other reports with ease.

This suite of tools includes:

  • Progress Notes
  • Developmental History
  • Behavioral Observations
  • Communication Profile
  • Fluency/Voice
  • Recommendations
  • Diagnosis
  • Goals
  • Custom Report Templates
  • Custom Evaluations
  • Test/Assessment Scores

And more to come in upcoming software releases.

Appointment Scheduling

Fill your calendar with qualified appointments

A dynamic scheduling engine designed to find the perfect appointment time for both you and your patients. Our scheduling module is built for single or multiple locations, and providers.

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Appointment Notifications

Reduce No-Shows with Electronic Messaging

TIMS Appointment Notifications give you an efficient way to communicate with patients while providing them with an exceptional customer experience. 

Create customized message templates and incorporate key appointment details. Patients can simply reply to confirm appointment date and time or request to reschedule.

Streamline management of patient notifications via the Notification Center, then track notifications and patient responses from one place. 

Notification Benefits:

  • Send confirmation messages to verify appointments
  • Minimize no-shows with customizable appointment reminders as dates approach
  • Set-up notification preferences on a per patient basis — voice, SMS, or email
  • View TIMS calendar appointment confirmation updates in real time
  • Send voice notifications in 26 languages & dialects

Noah Data Mining

Identify specific hearing conditions and selling opportunities

Improve patient care with Noah Data Mining. Utilize a suite of built-in marketing tools to create personalized, targeted marketing campaigns based upon Noah search results.

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Case History Questionnaires

Quickly capture patient case history

This powerful module allows for highly customized and detailed surveys to be completed during an appointment with a patient. You can include standardized or custom questions in any questionnaire. The results are stored in the patient's history file in TIMS.

An unlimited number of questions and sub-questions can be included. When a questionnaire is completed, the responses are automatically stored. Questionnaire results from one or multiple questionnaires can be summarized in custom reports.

Available Question Types:

  • Text
  • Yes or No
  • Number
  • Date
  • Drop-down List
  • Multiple Selection

EHR (Electronic Health Records)

Maintain an electronic version of a patient's medical history

TIMS makes it easy to maintain important patient records and related information in electronic format. Maintain audiograms, chart notes, diagnostic reports, scheduling and appointment history, patient pictures, and more! TIMS provides the necessary tools to quickly and efficiently capture important patient information in a variety of formats.


  • Custom diagnosis reports
  • NOAH Audiograms
  • Patient pictures, Insurance cards
  • Patient forms, AOBs (Assignment of Benefits)
  • Purchase and loaner agreements
  • Electronic signatures for purchases

Electronic Superbill

Streamline Patient and Insurance Billing Activities

From a patient’s initial appointment to checkout, TIMS Electronic Superbill simplifies the process of recording patient charges without the use of paper!

Capture and consolidate patient related charges and purchase agreements on a single bill to automate and streamline the entire billing process. The end result is an exceptional experience for your patients, an efficient office workflow for your staff, and simplified patient billing that will save you time and money.

Benefits of a Superbill:

  • Create an Electronic Superbill with each new appointment
  • Add diagnosis and ICD-10 codes based upon patient needs 
  • Add point of sale lines for hearing aid devices, supplies and related services
  • One click access to Electronic Superbill details
  • Finalize Superbill to automatically create invoices, purchase agreements, and corresponding claims, no rekeying necessary!

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Patient A/R Management

A Complete Solution for Patient A/R Management

TIMS Patient A/R Management system is a single system for managing all aspects of patient A/R activity, from point of sale (POS) and credit card processing, claims processing and ERN auto-posting, to managing write-offs and transfers. Our integrated system eliminates the need to use a 3rd party accounting system to manage A/R activity. Simplify and streamline your patient A/R activities today!

A/R Management Features:

  • Generate easy-to-understand patient statements. Print them on-demand for a single patient or a range.
  • Review patient transaction details for all POS and claims transactions. An interactive screen lets you easily review and process account transactions.
  • Generate A/R aging reports. Drill down on A/R details to review individual charges on a patient-by-patient basis.
  • Export summary G/L financial transactions on demand.

Hearing Aid Tracking

Maintain Complete Control of Hearing Aid Inventory

With Hearing Aid Tracking, it’s easy to record hearing aid transactions for sales, purchase orders, or devices on loan to patients. Simply scan order and repair documents for audit and tracking purposes. Or, generate comprehensive reports and recall mailings whenever needed.

You can quickly generate and retrieve purchase and loaner agreements, capture electronic signatures and store records within the individual patient files using a simple webcam, Topaz signature pad, or scanner. 

Hearing Aid Tracking Features:

  • Track hearing aid activities: orders, returns, repairs, replacements, lost/damaged, warranties, and purchases 
  • Complete audit trail and QuickBooks integration
  • Quickly view hearing aid pricing and availability by location 
  • Integrated purchase agreements/contracts
  • Loaner items/stock items. Battery Club.

Marketing & Communications

Powerful marketing tools

TIMS Marketing & Communications capabilities give you the tools to effectively market to your customer base. 

TIMS 'Opportunity Tracking' gives you the flexibility to setup and define selling opportunities using data from NOAH audiograms and user defined aid-ability thresholds in order to identify hearing aid selling opportunities.

TIMS Communications Center is a powerful tool to track incoming/outgoing calls and emails, and letters. When used effectively, TIMS Communications Center can help improve patient care, increase revenues and sell more of the products that help improve the quality of your patients’ lives.


  • Build targeted marketing lists from patient, appointment, and hearing aid history data
  • Generate and track incoming/outgoing calls, emails, and letters
  • Identify 'tested not sold' selling opportunities
  • Create call scripts for telemarketing
  • Generate pipeline call list for fitting follow-ups
  • Create custom letters for email/print using Word

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Mobile Sync

Stay productive, even without the Internet!

TIMS Mobile Sync takes productivity to the next level. Now you can take the entire TIMS database with you and remain productive, on the go!

Perform the same functions as if you were in the office - view and create new appointments, create chart notes, analyze NOAH data, record patient activities - right from your Windows laptop/tablet. No Internet connection required.

Advantages of Mobile:

  • Continue to work in TIMS without an Internet connection
  • Automatically synchronize changes when connection is restored
  • Great for audiologists who travel frequently
  • A perfect solution for spotty Internet connections

Reporting & Dashboards

Measure & monitor business performance

TIMS includes a full suite of standard reports that give you insight into everyday business activities. Built-in powerful data analysis reports and dashboards give you big picture summaries with the ability to drill down for even greater insight.

View key business information such as sales, appointments, marketing, claims, and customer recall activity. Set Key Performance Indicator (KPI) goals and track progress toward those benchmarks.

Reporting & Business Insights:

  • Appointments
  • Claim revenue and denials
  • Hearing Aid History
  • Management Overviews
  • Patient Records and Activities
  • POS, QuickBooks
  • Referral Sources

HL7 Messaging

Accurate records across multiple systems

With the HL7 interface, TIMS Audiology becomes an extension of any hospital system that follows the HL7 messaging standard. The end result is up to date and accurate patient records and information across multiple software systems. No more duplicate patient records.

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Noah Compatible

Seamless Integration with Noah


TIMS was the first practice management software to seamlessly integrate with Noah.

TIMS unique approach to storing Noah data directly in the TIMS database provides users with unparalleled opportunities to data mine new revenue sources. Quickly and easily search your entire Noah database to identify patients with specific severities and types of hearing loss. Utilize over 50 search parameters to create personalized marketing campaigns. 

Noah Features:

  • Noah data maintained in TIMS for ease of use and access
  • Maintain detailed Noah test results and scripted notes
  • Gain instant access to audiometric data
  • Automatically calculate and assign severity and type of hearing loss based on patient audiograms.
  • Easily include diagnostic results in chart notes
  • Utilize TIMS Noah data mining for targeted marketing opportunities

Point of Sale & QuickBooks

Streamline Your Accounting with TIMS and QuickBooks

TIMS Point of Sale (POS) offers a simple system for entering sales, receiving payments and accepting returns. Patients also receive accurate receipts for their records.

TIMS eliminates duplicate data entry with comprehensive QuickBooks synchronization for patient contact information, item lists, claims and point of sale transactions for correct billing and statements.

Specific advantages of combining TIMS with QuickBooks:

  • Synchronize patient demographics and transactions for correct billing and statements.
  • Consolidate transactions from multiple locations into a single QuickBooks database for centralized financial reporting.
  • Generate individual or consolidated revenue reports for the entire organization.

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