10 Ways to Prepare for the Holi-daze

The holiday season is a time filled with both excitement and apprehension for many of us. We eagerly await the celebrations, family traditions, and the chance to reminisce about past holidays. But let's be real, it's also a time of stress, high expectations, and the fear of disappointing Aunt Sally or getting into another heated debate with Uncle Bob. We often find ourselves caught up in the holi-daze, overwhelmed, and not fully enjoying the holidays. But fear not, we're here to bring some sanity back into your family's holiday season with 10 tips that will make it more enjoyable and meaningful.

  • Set realistic expectations.

Step back and ask yourself, "Can I pull off a Martha Stewart-worthy holiday extravaganza?" Probably not. Be honest with yourself and your family about what you can realistically accomplish. Make a list of the most important events and activities and prioritize them. Remember, it's a whole season, not just a single day, so spread out your activities to reduce stress and increase enjoyment.

  • Acknowledge the holiday season and its emotions.

Let's face it the holiday season can be tough. It can bring up painful memories or remind us of loved ones who are no longer with us. It's okay to feel sad or lonely during this time but don't let it consume you. Take the time to work through any challenges or conflicts and remember that it's okay to ask for help.

  • Embrace the present and look towards the future.

Life is constantly changing, and every holiday season is unique. Instead of dwelling on the past or longing for the "good old days," embrace the joys that the current holiday season has to offer. Create new traditions and make new memories that you can cherish for years to come.

  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

No matter what you're going through, there is always something to be thankful for. Practice gratitude daily, not just on Thanksgiving. Shift your focus from what you don't have to what you do have, and watch how it transforms your holiday season.

  • Spread the cheer through acts of kindness.

One of the best ways to show gratitude is by helping others. Even if you're going through a tough time, lending a helping hand to those in need can make a world of difference. It's a win-win situation that will enrich your holiday season.

  • Enjoy low-cost or free activities.

Who says you need to break the bank to have a good time during the holidays? There are plenty of enjoyable activities that don't require a significant financial investment. Take a leisurely drive to admire Christmas decorations, have a family decorating session, bake Christmas cookies together, or go window shopping!

  • Cherish your family holiday traditions.

Traditions are what make the holidays special. Whether they're silly or sentimental, hold on to those family traditions that bring you joy and create lasting memories. If your family has established Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions, include them in your holiday plans when possible.

  • Embrace change and try something new.

While traditions are important, doing the same thing year after year can get a bit stale. Shake things up and try a new way to celebrate the holiday season. Who knows, you might discover a new tradition that will be passed down for generations!

  • Be responsible with your spending.

The holiday season tends to turn us all into spending maniacs. But remember, you don't have to go broke to show your love and appreciation for your family. Set a budget, stick to it, and avoid accumulating mountains of credit card debt. Your future self will thank you.

  • Make time for yourself.

Don't let the stress of holiday preparations consume your life. Share the workload with other family members and delegate tasks for the preparation and cleanup of Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. And most importantly, carve out some time during the holidays to recharge your batteries and take care of your well-being. You deserve it!

So, let's bring some sanity back into the holi-daze. With these 10 tips, you'll be well on your way to enjoying a more enjoyable and meaningful holiday season!

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Updated 11.13.23

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