Electronic Claims - There's More To Know

The Right Claims Process Leads to Getting Paid Faster

We talked about electronic claims in our last blog; how setting up your insurance payers, CPT and diagnosis codes, and patient information all lead to a seamless, integrated process creating an electronic superbill in TIMS Software. This in return provides the reporting necessary to track each  patient appointment through to claims and billing. TIMS Electronic Claims let you take productivity to new levels.

Change Healthcare

All electronic claims are sent through Change Healthcare, one of the largest and longest established clearinghouse companies in the country. In addition to claims submission, TIMS provides complete tracking of every claim from start to finish so you can make the most of your time.

TIMS also gives you the option of producing printed HCFA 1500 forms for claims, and will download/process Electronic Remittance Notices (ERNs). All claims related revenue can then sync to QuickBooks, along with all your other POS transactions. 

Point of Sale and QuickBooks

Because TIMS is fully integrated with QuickBooks, your billing and claims are completely synchronized. Transactions such as patient contact information, claims and point of sale transactions work together between TIMS and QuickBooks ensuring you have correct billing and statements every time. Combine transactions from multiple locations into a single QuickBooks database for centralized accounting and financial reporting. Saving the best part for last: no more double-entry. From claims transmission to financial reimbursement you'll have seamless integration. 

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Last updated: February 17, 2022

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