Are you losing money on hearing aid claims?

We are excited to announce we have partnered with Healthcare Revenue Group, LLC to help you maximize your audiology practice revenue.

If you struggle with insurance billing, losing money on hearing aid claims, or are concerned you are not maximizing medical billing revenue, Healthcare Revenue Group, LLC (HRG) is a service worth considering. HRG focuses on providing financial reporting and billing support for internal staff, full service outsource billing functions, reimbursement analysis, and contracting and credentialing services, and more!

HRG audiology expertise includes former clinic owners and operations and billing staff who understand audiology and hearing aid billing issues from a PCC and practitioner/owner perspective. Healthcare Revenue Group, LLC is a financial healthcare company providing revenue cycle and practice management services, support and expertise for its clients. Founded in 1999 (originally as Health Associates, Inc.), they've grown through referrals from clients, peers, colleagues and other healthcare consultants. They believe in integrity and for doing right by their clients, always. 

They focus is on:

  • Financial reporting and billing support for internal billing staff. Keep your current staff while maximizing revenue potential.
  • Full service outsourced billing function.
  • Reimbursement analysis and improvement.
  • Contracting & Credentialing services.

HRG has expertise in proven strategies to ensure profitable hearing aid contracting and reimbursements (hearing aid pricing strategy, unbundled charges as needed, etc.). They also have extensive experience growing audiology and hearing care practices including compensation strategies, marketing and acquisitions process and valuations.

If Healthcare Revenue Group, LLC seems like a good fit for your audiology practice give them a call today.

  Scott Weidemeyer, President   Elizabeth Krull, Vice President Business Development
  Phone: 913-717-4001   913-544-8403

Visit the HRG website

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