Simplify Marketing to Your Patients, Quickly, and Easily!

The Best Marketing Tool is in Your Own Patient Database

With over 50 different filtering criteria, TIMS Communications and marketing module can help you send tailored and targeted messages to identify patients with specific needs or opportunities.  Filtering your focus down to create letters, emails, or call lists that can materialize into appointments and increased revenue. 

Wherever your audiology practice is located, in a metropolis, suburb, or rural area, you understand the needs of your patients. Your marketing dollars should be spent focusing on what items the patients in your practice will respond to. One of the best marketing opportunities you may be missing is using your existing patient database.

Reaching out to the individuals you already have had contact with has two-fold rewards! First, it lets you market to a built-in audience, and second, it shows your patients that you care about them and understand their needs by keeping communications open with them.

It all starts with the quality information stored in your TIMS database.  With TIMS, your patient information can be kept current with each appointment.  Whether a first-time visit, a hearing test, fitting, or cleaning, you can electronically update their patient file. Now you can send your patient the link to the electronic patient forms for them to update changes. This gives you the ability to pull that same patient data according to the parameters you set. Use your existing data to market to your patients via the TIMS Communications module with a robust filtering criteria system.

Marketing Options to Streamline Your Efforts! 

Current Opportunity Status Reports—Pull any status, such as "Tested Not Sold", "Re-sell" or even "Current User." Run this report for the dates you specify to see which patients need to be contacted for further consultation.

Marketing Source Reports—Choose from a variety of report filters such as your sales from marketing sources. This report will show you the results of your marketing efforts and link each one to profits.

Data Extraction Excel Tool-Allows for 3rd party marketing solutions to alleviate the burden of office mailings.

Focused Mailings of New Products-Who in your database would be interested in the most recent developments from manufacturers? TIMS Communications marketing module pulls data according to specific metrics. Allowing you to reach customers quickly, tailoring a letter to send, all in one process.

Create Call Lists to Directly Contact Customers for Repeat Appointments —Set up a list of patients who haven't had an appointment in the last year. Because you tracked the patient's last appointment, you can determine the search criteria and find those that haven't returned. Make calls directly from your electronic list, seamlessly switch to your scheduler to set up their appointment, then easily move back to the remainder of your list and keep working it.

Keep Track of Patient Interactions—Record in each patient record, who you spoke with and the results, plus any notes you'd like to add for future reference; simply archive your actions and they become part of the record. Welcome new patients and send reminders via telephone, email, or letter. TIMS Communications puts customer service at the top of your list.

Use NOAH Data Mining to Discover Your Target MarketQuickly evaluate, through your prior testing, individuals who will benefit most from new developments in the industry. Allowing you to focus on those you will serve best.

Create Professional Letters Easily—Gone are the days of working with Excel and Word documents to create a Mail Merge for letters and labels! Use search by date criteria, then use a number of built-in templates to create personalized letters to your patients with information such as: your patient's name, current hearing aid, warranty dates, logo, provider's name, and signature. The Mail Merge feature allows you to see exactly what your letters will look like using Word's add-in functionality. Then, send out via email or physical letter, according to what your patient prefers. The next step, creating mailing labels, is made simple by  pulling in corresponding addresses and printing them. 

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End Results—If you are providing excellent service, your patients become your advocates and give you another amazing marketing tool; word-of-mouth. Take care of this precious asset because it will continue to grow your practice.

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