Use Hearing Aid Status to Find Sales Opportunities

Marking the status on patient hearing aid records is a little thing that can reap big benefits. There are four specific statuses that TIMS uses to help you manage your hearing aid records.

In Use:
When a hearing aid is dispensed to the patient, be sure to mark the status "In Use." Two reasons:Tested not Sold Patients: When you mark '1 ear aidable' and '2 ears aidable' in the History tab for your patients, TIMS can run a list of all of those patients who have a hearing loss but no hearing aid in use. A patient may have a hearing aid record in TIMS, but if it's been returned or exchanged, or any other status, that patient is still a prospect.

Upselling to existing hearing aid users: Say a new technology comes out that makes an existing hearing aid obsolete. With TIMS, you can run a list of all patients still using that olf hearing aid, and send them a letter inviting them to try out the new aid. The key is that only patients with that old model in use would be included in your list.

On Order & Received:
Hearing aids with a status of "on order" or "received" will list in the HA Status Report (under Reports, then Management). The HA status report will show you all hearing aids that are on order or recieved, all repairs whicha re still outstanding, and all loaners which have not been returned yet.

With the HA Status report, you will see what hearing aids have been added to TIMS but not ordered yet, what hearing aids have already been ordered, and whether or not the patient has an appointment scheduled yet. This is a hugely useful report for tracking outstanding hearing aids, and the hearing aid status is the key.

When you change the status to "Returned", then enter the returned details in the Returned button, that hearing aid will no longer display in the patient activity screen. Because? Well, it's returned, of course! You should create new separate records for any new models you dispense to a patient. That way you have a history of what the patient has tried before, and can also run reports to show what models have the most frequent return rate.

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