What are you doing to "Save Your Hearing"?

Prioritize healthy day-to-day life habits to maintain hearing longer.

I often hear and read about the many ways hearing can be impacted. Many articles are about how to protect your hearing from damaging noise levels; the greatest contributor to hearing loss across our nation.

We all should be careful to avoid being around loud noises, whether short blasts of noise, fireworks, job-related noise, or loud noises occurring during recreational time, from power tools to loud music. Then there are the medicines to consider that can be ototoxic, such as some cancer treatments, sildenafil, high doses of aspirin, or other pain relievers.

There are so many factors that can result in hearing loss or damage:
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  • Age
  • Noise
  • Genetic Factors
  • Illness
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Medications
  • Chemicals
  • Physical Trauma
  • Neurobiological Factors
  • Diet

This gives me so many questions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says noise above 70 decibels over time can start to damage hearing. Louder noise will impact us even sooner! Do you know the levels of sound around you? A Dishwasher reaches 75 decibels; school cafeterias, and traffic can be 85 or higher. What about the things we don’t know we can work on every day that could help us keep our hearing later in life? Heredity is even a factor that could impact our hearing. Can we do anything if our parents lost their hearing? Are we destined to also lose our hearing? Hearing loss is linked to dementia, depression, and feeling isolated. Not the future any of us would look forward to.

If you're a fan of eavesdropping on juicy conversations, then maintaining

healthy hearing habits is kind of a big deal! 🤣😊😂😁

What can we do preventatively to protect our hearing?

A hearing appointment can be as impactful to your quality of life as going to your primary doctor for your yearly check-up or your vision appointment. If you notice yourself saying “what” more or “I didn’t hear you.” It may be beneficial to have your hearing checked. Also, if you're noticing a loved one speaking much louder or much quieter, hearing loss may be the cause. Be aware; let them know you care.

Some items I have found in my search for ways to prevent hearing loss were not things I had paid much attention to, in all honesty. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle was one of the main items to help protect the viability of the blood vessels that bring oxygen and health to your ears. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, managing stress levels, and avoiding smoking. Some who experience Ménière's tinnitus showed marked improvement by only reducing salt in their diet.

The health of our cardiovascular system is a strong indicator of the health of our hearing. Chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and stress contribute to how quickly our hearing deteriorates. These factors can affect the blood flow to our ears and potentially impact our hearing sensitivity.

Is hearing well into our later years within our control? Besides protecting your hearing from loud noises, let us all work this year on those hidden ways we may be damaging our hearing. Find healthy ways to manage your stress. Exercise, to help with blood flow and reduce stress, double benefit! Remember, to keep those music earbuds and headphones clean!

Stay vigilant with chronic health concerns. Make the call to 1-800-QUIT-NOW to find ways to stop smoking if you do. Stay updated on those hearing screenings. We care about you and look forward to a life of hearing the joy of the world with you!

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It is estimated up to half of the cases of hearing impairment and deafness are preventable. If you suspect you have too much noise overload, or are experiencing changes in your hearing, schedule a consultation with an audiologist today to help you navigate through the options of finding customized hearing protection for your specific needs.

Make this the year YOU TAKE CONTROL of your hearing health and have a happy and safe 'Save Your Hearing' Day!

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Last updated May 23rd, 2023

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