Are you tired of chasing down patient hearing aid details?

Ensuring Confidence, Control, and Usability of

YOUR Hearing Aid Inventory and Patient Status

Maintaining and being able to use the information stored in your software system is essential to your practice. We all need streamlined and effective ways to make the labor-intensive requirements of our day go more smoothly!

TIMS Audiology/SLP software can help you store information accurately, find data quickly, integrate the information into your agreements/contracts and run reports to determine the status of your patients' hearing aids.

These features will help you take care of the maintenance and even the MARKETING you desire and may be lacking, allowing you to have peace about your patient records and office processes. Freeing up time to enjoy more ADVENTURES and RELAXATION outside of the office!

  • Did you know that with TIMS Audiology Software you can SCAN BARCODE numbers directly into your stock system or the patient’s file? Using a BARCODE Scanner will ensure you have accurate serial numbers from the packaging received with hearing aids and other equipment! Saving you from entry errors or eye strain when trying to manually read and decipher information and transcribe it into the system!

  • Complete your inventory receiving by SCANNING all of your order and repair documents into the patient’s file to maintain COMPLETE paperless records.

  • Take back CONTROL of your stock room and quickly know the status of hearing aids or devices in your office using our Hearing Aid Tracking system; you can look up orders, returns, repairs, replacements, lost/damaged, warranties, and purchases. Being able to quickly track loaners, stock availability, and pricing by location eases your day-to-day processes and sales.

  • Know AT-A-GLANCE the status of your patient’s hearing aids from your Patient Summary area, giving you the advance information needed to prepare for appointments and what your patient might be interested in or truly need.






  • Using the information stored in your patient’s file, agreements and contracts can be quickly populated with hearing aid or device information for your patient to sign while in the office. With our customizable documents, TAILOR the look and information according to your needs.

  • Reporting on the status of your customer’s hearing aids can be completed quickly and easily with our comprehensive status reports.
    • shutterstock_1909789144Find the hearing aids that are nearing the end of their warranty.
    • Use your patient data to reach out to customers that were tested but didn’t purchase needed hearing aids.
    • Know IMMEDIATELY what the status is of hearing aids ordered but not received, received but not fitted.
    • Follow up on repairs still in process.
    • Run reports allowing you to reach out to customers who would be interested in new offers or upgraded equipment from manufacturers.
    • Create integrated letters or emails FOCUSING on detailed specifications for your customer’s needs using our Communications Center. 

All of these items keep your office flowing smoothly and enable EXCELLENT customer service! Find out more about TIMS Audiology Software’s Hearing Aid Tracking system and all of the benefits it can prove to you and your practice.

I look forward to hearing from you! Whether you are looking for new solutions to help your day-to-day processes or are a current customer wanting to learn more about the areas of TIMS you may not have been using!

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