Patient Billing ... with Workflow.

TIMS Electronic Superbill delivers significant improvements in billing efficiencies as well as cost savings by eliminating the paper superbill.

From a patient’s initial appointment to checkout, the Electronic Superbill documents all charges pertaining to the visit. Auto invoice items, point of sale transactions and insurance procedures are consolidated into the Electronic Superbill—providing automated invoicing, purchase agreements and claims generation.

How does Electronic Superbill work?

Once an appointment is made, an Electronic Superbill is created for the patient that allows providers to add line items to the superbill (i.e. procedures, codes, and even dispensed devices) as the patient moves through their office visit.  

What does all this mean for your practice?

It means an exceptional experience for your patients, an efficient office workflow for your staff and simplified patient billing that will save you time and money.


TIMS Audiology Software | HIMSA Noah 4 Certified Integration
Automatically create invoices and purchase agreements | TIMS Audiology Software
  • Automatically create an Electronic Superbill with each new appointment
  • Automatically create invoices and purchase agreements while sending all insurance transactions to the claims system
  • Add point of sale lines as needed
  • Include added procedures or items, such as hearing aids, repairs or Battery Club purchases with automatic refresh
  • Easily access the Electronic Superbill with a click of the convenient ‘Superbill button’
  • Quickly checkout patients using the TIMS Billing Center—no more ‘hunting’ for the customer’s superbill—all bills are now electronic and centrally located
  • Quickly add procedure codes to the patient’s bill along with correlating diagnosis codes for swift claims processing
TIMS Electronic Superbill streamlines and connects your entire billing process.
TIMS Audiology Software | Reviews and Testimonials

I will continue to recommend TIMS for everyone who struggles with their office management system. Your software is the best I’ve found. The support of your team is unbelievable.

- Beltone Heaing Aid Centers

TIMS is by far the MOST user friendly, intuitive and flexible software we have ever encountered. The TIMS training at CU opened their eyes to exactly just how much we can do and how easily we can customize the software to make our jobs easier and us more efficient.

- Family Hearing Center

In our TIMS training, we learned how to narrow device choices so that we no longer have to page through fifty-some devices to find the one they we looking for. We are extremely pleased with our training and with TIMS overall.

- Family Hearing Center
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