TIMS Noah Data - a goldmine of REVENUE opportunities!

  • Noah data is stored and maintained inside TIMS which makes it easy to access, analyze, and find specific audiogram data elements
  • Built-in search tools makes it easy to search Noah data to identify specific hearing conditions and selling opportunities
  • Utilize a suite of built-in marketing tools to create personalized, targeted marketing campaigns based upon Noah search results
  • Choose from over 50 Noah search parameters to identify specific hearing conditions
  • Generate marketing campaigns directly from Noah data mining search results
  • Customize marketing material for a professional look using MS Word and email tools
  • Determine the best marketing method to use on a patient by patient basis (phone, email, letter)
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Learn how TIMS is setting the benchmark for Practice Management Systems

There are 15 questions and answers to help you understand what you should expect with a complete EHR System.

TIMS celebrates many firsts, from the first provider to develop a fully integrated Electronic Claims Management System, the first to fully integrate NOAH, and the first to integrate directly with QuickBooks.

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